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Monsters United

Riley was the average 18-year-old girl, yet had a mysterious background. After heading to Monsters University for her chance to figure out her true identity, she meets new friends and eventually finds the key that unlocks the door to all her answers.
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Valerix: The Hidden World

From those that brought you the award-winning Series "Battle For Berk", comes the second chapter in the saga. After Ashley reunites with her Light Fury Snowflake, an old evil has reemerged and threatens the very life of a world that is more then fantasy. Will the Valerix protect and save the Hidden World in time, or will it perish.
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Onward and Beyond

Carissa is the typical 19 year old, but she has a strange past that calls her back to where it all started. Returning to New mushroomton 300 years later, she will make new friends and defeat a returning evil that threatens the very fate of magic and peace.
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Esmee is the famous mermaid in her town of Levanto. When she returns to Portorosso, she meets up with old faces and opens a new door to questions she never expected to find the answers for.
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Monsters United: Adventures

Riley returns to the next Installment of the Monsters United Trilogy. Now graduated from MU, Riley is excited to work at MI as a Scare Alumni, but her life is once more turned around when her past once more comes uninvited, opening a new door about her true reason for being in the Monster World.
2 BÖLÜMLER 1.6k görüntüleme 2 Devam etmekte


Taking place after Season 5, Nicole, now have graduate college, is enjoying her life as a beginner scientist. When rifts begin popping up and causing problems, she must team up with her dimensional counterpart to save the Universe.
10 BÖLÜMLER 2.9k görüntüleme 7 Yeni bölüm Her gün

Can't be a fox without the long ears [English]

Let's just say it's a story about a fox and a sparrow having a good time together. Except the fox is actually a girl with a fluffy tail and the sparrow is smarter than her, and all they do is run away from their own mistakes.
1 bölümler 8.1k görüntüleme 6 8 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

Journey to the Stars

Julia has to find happiness... Where can she go? I know... To the stars
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Chef 3: Part 3- The Third One

The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss, and was ready to give up when the light shone upon the world once again, revealing to him the path to redemption.
8 BÖLÜMLER 7.8k görüntüleme 2 1 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

The phoenix

My life totally changed because of a story I ignored. ************** Ningzi, daughter of the Chu family, hated her Grandma's story for one thing. Her favourite character in the story died mysteriously. Torn by this fact, she decided to never listen to the story again. But what happens when she's being mocked by her sisters, just because ...
7 BÖLÜMLER 6.4k görüntüleme 2 1 Yeni bölüm Her 15 günde bir

I'm Not Giving Up

Emma is a girl who ran away. In this story find out why she ran away and how she manages to stay alive.
1 bölümler 10.0k görüntüleme 4 5 Yeni bölüm Her 10 günde bir

The Price of rebellion

Annabelle has been one of the most hated criminals in Obsidian but she is sick of living in the destruction of a place she should call home. A key, a dream and little to no hope are all she has left. Forced, controlled and threatened in a place where she marches along with an army of manipulated souls or becomes the phoenix rising from ashes...
7 BÖLÜMLER 9.8k görüntüleme 1 3 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir

Storm of Secrets

Told of an ancient cave when she was young, Rayn believes there is more to where her powers really originated from. She, along with her friends, will finally crack the code and find the truth.
7 BÖLÜMLER 15.5k görüntüleme 11 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

Storm Chasing

Rayn is the typical female that chooses the road to become the greatest racer. When meets a Rookie racer, she becomes curious about her way of life, sending her into an adventure about finding yourself and going to great lengths to find the truth.
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Jules has no idea what she's getting into when she runs into Alex on her way home. She just assumes he's just the bad boy everyone says when he's in an alley with a mysterious suitcase and hooded figure, but soon her whole life will be upside down when she finds out who this figure truly is. _________________________
44 BÖLÜMLER 7.6k görüntüleme 58 8 Hikaye tamamlandı

The Box

When a group of friends loses a person dear to each, a savior reaches out to them, withholding their fate, not knowing that her own destiny isn't a happily ever after.
5 BÖLÜMLER 5.7k görüntüleme 136 13 Yeni bölüm Her Cumartesi

Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his sec...
8 BÖLÜMLER 8.1k görüntüleme 44 8 Hikaye tamamlandı

Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Following the fall of the most guileful witch in all the lands, young Otheris sets out on a journey for a much bigger task: to bring the heads of the Serpents of Qhudrus, after the king made him an offer he could not refuse.
5 BÖLÜMLER 6.4k görüntüleme 20 3 Devam etmekte

Hashim Khail and keeper of the Gates

In an attempt to please his father, Hashim Khail, a young prince finds himself in a dilemma after a great tragedy struck him. He wakes up in a foreign land, enslaved and at the mercy of a new king.
6 BÖLÜMLER 7.3k görüntüleme 32 4 Hikaye tamamlandı

Aaricia and the Noland Army

An epic tale of adventure that features Aaricia; a young woman having being betrayed by a loved one, lost her family and her home, must find a way to raise an elite army to help reclaim all she’s lost. Bestowed with a remarkable gift to communicate with a rare kind of beast, and armed with a handful of mercenaries, she must rise to face the most...
6 BÖLÜMLER 7.4k görüntüleme 28 2 Hikaye tamamlandı

When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases.
4 BÖLÜMLER 7.5k görüntüleme 13 5 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

His Last Bow. By Arthur Conan Doyle

An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes
1 bölümler 1.6k görüntüleme 2 1 Hikaye tamamlandı

Silver Blaze. By Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle
1 bölümler 1.8k görüntüleme 2 Hikaye tamamlandı

A Medieval Romance. By Mark Twain

A medieval romance
5 BÖLÜMLER 3.6k görüntüleme 17 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit By Charles Dickens

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit is a novel by Charles Dickens, considered the last of his picaresque novels.
5 BÖLÜMLER 7.4k görüntüleme 14 2 Hikaye tamamlandı

Little Dorrit By Charles Dickens

Little Dorrit is a novel by Charles Dickens, originally published in serial form between 1855 and 1857.
5 BÖLÜMLER 6.3k görüntüleme 9 1 Hikaye tamamlandı

Dealings with the firm of Dombey and son : wholesale, retail, and for exportation. By Charles Dickens

Dealings with the firm of Dombey and son, wholesale, retail, and for exportation. by Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
4 BÖLÜMLER 6.0k görüntüleme 4 Hikaye tamamlandı