Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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The privilege of loving you

Nancy Akthar is in love with Arthur Rutherford, a man who is marrying another lady, Barbara Barnes. Those of privilege suspect that their marriage hides secrets. In her acceptance process for her platonic impossible, Nancy meets Elton, a man with whom she has a fleeting relationship and who gives her everything she has hoped for in her life, but...
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A survival story about crossing the fine line between realms...
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Frequent Bond.

A tale of half-brothers that embark into a journey through the boxing world, encountering two different types of people, a pair that will help them to better themselves, while another pair that want their bond to be broken. Which side will win? Who will have the last laugh? I guess you will have to see for yourself.
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Writer's Blog

Your place within Inkspired to find posts about how to improve your writing skills
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Inkspired Product Blog

The official product blog of Inkspired, with all the news, perks, changes and releases we make.
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Lend Me your boy friend

Nothing good can come out of your friend asking you to borrow your boyfriend, and Maria is going to find out in the worst possible way. Jane is convinced that Maria was lucky to have found a partner like Noah and that she deserves someone like him in her life too, as he is the boyfriend her mother would certainly approve of. And if he can't rea...
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Running through the Night

After her friend's spell goes wrong, Isis and Willow must go deep into the forest to save their friend.
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Adventures in the Amazon

A young girl embarks on an Adventure in the Amazon's jungle
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Thoughts I have when I try to hear the silence

The title speaks for itself... ...Right? ***All the pictures used in this work were created using Artbreeder. The idea here is to also send a message through art.
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Stuff of dreams

Another GTP-generated story about a girl who discovers she can turn dreams into reality just by drawing them
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The Two-Headed Dragon

A GTP-generated story about a duel between a mage knight and a two-headed dragon
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Call for a moony night

Wrote this poem and it took me a few hours... Still don't know why, despite that, I hope it makes sense for you as much as it did for me. With Artbreeder I created a few pictures using the poem's name, I put one at the beginning and another at the end :)
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BETA readers network

Learn about the BETA readers networks and the benefits you can get from it.
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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for writing, publishing and behaviour between members / Reglas comunitarias para escribir, publicar, y de comportamiento entre miembros.
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Cuando las arañas dejen de tejer

Se conocieron en un muy mal momento, TaeHyung odiaba a las arañas y YoonGi había sido una desde que tenía memoria, siempre buscando una manera de manipular a los demás; y para mala suerte de Kim, sus redes eran todo lo placentero que no debían ser las maldiciones. Pero bueno, a quién le importa. Ahora estaba muerto. ፧ ੈ Categoría: Terror | C...
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Truly a Man

He was bigger than they thought
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The Authors' Cup's competition rules

Official compendium of rules of the Inkspired's Authors' Cup competition
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Terms of use

Inkspired Official Terms of Use
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Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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The HACK Team (English)

Evreninin parçası XAE Four friends from different parts of the world get together in a video-game that is going to take them through different adventures on virtual reality. Story created for the challenge “The Adventurer” of The Author’s Cup.
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Terms of Self-publishing service

Terms of our self-publishing services with our professional providers / Términos de nuestros servicios de autoedición con nuestros proveedores profesionales / Termos de nossos serviços de editoração eletrônica com nossos provedores profissionais
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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let a...
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Verified Stories

Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified.
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Rewards Program

Inkspired Rewards Program briefing in English, Spanish and Portuguese
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Last Chance

Looking at the list of candidates my dad had established for me I got even more depressed, I couldn't just marry somebody who was only interested in my money and body. Looking up I saw him, he has always been there for me since he started working for my dad. We used to play together since we were kids, becoming a teenager was easier by his side...
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Transformation. By Mary Shelley

A macabre, sinister, and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing.
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Privacy Policy

Inkspired Official Privacy Policy
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