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camroze Cam Roze This blog is all about the Trilogy A Witches Life. Three intense stories that as the trilogy goes and delves into the history of the universe for A Witches Life. All comments are read.

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A Witches Life, Questions, News and More.
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What is Asphodel's Story?

OH! That I can't reveal in entirety but, I may go so far as to make the statement the story coming out that will reveal it all is going to be 'A Witches Life: The Rise Of The Pentagram'. That is right, 'A Witches Life' will be likely a trilogy.

That is, unless I can come up with more content for this world, I find the concept dark, However the first book is meant to brace you for what is yet to be told in the rest of the trilogy. I am happy to say I am proud to work on such pieces of work with such an interactive audience.

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Why is Annie's sister named Asphodel?

I've noticed that people like and question my reasoning of naming the character that is Annie's (main character of the Bloodline curse) sister was named Asphodel. well, here is why:

I was brought up to understand anything to do with witchcraft was inherently evil. So, that being said, I always had a fascination with all kinds of belief systems including the Greek mythology, naming Asphodel after the section of the underworld that yhe fries which hades had employed to guard the exit of the entirety of Tartaros. that being said the second floor on the way out of Tartaros, was called Asphodel.

That being said, Now you all understand why Annie's sister has her name as Asphodel.

thanks for reading this post and have a fantastic day/night/morning/evening.

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Welcome Page

Hello, this is well, new for me on this idea. I'm not sure how regular this will be posting so forgive me, but welcome to my first all around blog for the Series, A Witches Life. that may be a bit of a shocker but yes, it is a Trilogy I am working on.

So, What is A Witches Life? That's, actually the question I asked when thinking about what way I wanted to talk about witchcraft in a less pop culturized format.

I hope you all have been enjoying the series and I hope you all liked the creativity provided in the 'AWL' Universe.

Comment your questions and I will happily Reply to them all as soon as possible.

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