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Delays in writing

so the past month has tossed some personal life issues my way but I have come back from the slump and I am going to be more active again like I usually would be. I would greatly appreciate anyone reading this to share the blog to your socials. I am still a new author and would really appreciate the shout outs!

if you want to support me but bring traffic to your own blog and website too, try using leadsleap and it's co op advertising features after you have made a splash page of your own.


I also am on many other places. for example: here is my first novel:The Draconus Wars.

don't forget I also have a website now.Cam Roze Novelshas most of my stuff updated regularly and has links to all of my content sources.

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Why Blog?

Believe it or not having blogs on your profile can have returning people. This helps you expose your experience as a writer as well. Many writers refer to doing blog posts of 300-1500 words on various topics.

so why do I blog on inkspired? the point is simple and may be even more basic than most would assume in such a situation. however any view on my work is a good thing right now as I am in the early stages of my career and can shoe development as a writer effectively.

blogging provides a lesser barrier between you and your readers. I find this also is true for my own blogs as many of them tend to get comments and I do enjoy relating my best with those comments and giving a good response if I know how to in that particular instance. the more the individual writes out though I tend to take the time to try to reply to those people first as they seem to have a heavier interest in the topic I discuss. where is my main blog? well I am glad you asked.

I use medium as my primary blog. this is because I can earn money based on my audience spending time on my posts and interacting with those posts. I find this to be the most easy method to starting an earnings profile as a writer. sure, blogger and adsense will earn you money, however it may take a long time. with medium I find that the more active you are on that platform the more likely you are to be noticed. people will follow you no matter where you leave your information for people to see and find. it helps also create a curiosity about who you are.

as a writer who you are is your brand. what you do and say is a heavy role in your career, so when you do something, you make sure you do it with the best foot forward.

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Learning Other Income Sources.

never thought making money would be as easy as pasting a link like this:


this link here is from leadsleap and earns income for time per visitor, click their logo to use the link I have provided to sign up and earn as well.

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Near The Top Of The Canadian Side Of Inkspired

Now what do I aim for as the next step in my career as a writer? 5 published books, 2 fiction and a poetry work along with my 2 marketing non fiction works. I tell ya I just am not sure what my next goal should be as an author now. I pick something and I have been achieving what I pick, and others I didn't expect to get even hit as they weren't planned.

I honestly never expected my poetry to hit the trend in canada, as I didnt think of myself as a poet. Now on the other hand from seeing this as a result of it, i think i now will aim to do more eventually. We shall see what happens by the next books publishing date. I also know I am working on 8 projects publicly, however there are over 24 that i work on in private. rememebering patience may also be a good thing when you see me temporarily slow down. however, i always have a way to make up for lost time and even keep providing more new content. however, sometimes a book will undergo a month or two of the editing process before being resumed. this is simply a part of my writing process. this is why i have so many various works available here on inkspired.

If you want to see other stuff i write, you can always find me on Medium. I am working on integrating regular blogger and Vocal posts as well, however I am not aware of how much potential that holds. My Medium account seems to be building me a very nice small income for writing on the side of my fiction. now with over 110 posts on medium alone, i feel like i have a ton of content to go through for a starting off author, as i am still only in my first 6 months of authorship. i think this can say alot for an author.

Anyways, I am working on getting a witches life edited and revised for resuming as soon as possible. I just want to be sure this story is ironed out before the full release.

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