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So, I've realized what I've got to do to get this ball rolling... just do it! Like Nike. It's go time. Believe and begin. If not now then I'm chancing fate with never. If I'm waiting for the "right" time it may never come. That would be way worse to live with than if I end up failing. I would rather seize this opportunity while it's available and try to make something out of it. Try to make a difference rather than just let time pass me by. I'll always find a detail that isn't perfect and I'll never have all the answers. Perfection on Earth isn't possible. No human can hold the key to the infinite knowledge of the universe. With that said we all do share at least 1 common thing on this journey we call life- we are all, simply put: wandering.

I would love to leave some kind of a legacy behind for my children. To make an impact in a positive way during my short span on this planet. I strive to be a happy healthy human, that my family feels their importance to me, and that they can lead happy healthy lives as well. That's all I could really ask for. So with my ultimate goal in mind, I'm going to just believe & begin! Everyone who did anything had to start somewhere. Well, here I go world. Both feet in baby! I'll start with actually believing in myself. We all have a purpose. We may not all know ours yet or sadly ever get to reach it. My family knows, unfortunately, all too well that tomorrow is not promised. I think that simple fact is often forgotten, by myself included. Maybe due to recent events, it is being reminded to us all daily.

A little info on me-

I'm a wife & mother of 4 beautiful, silly, smart, sweet handfuls. They are an amazing blend of all 4 key elements. 1 is ruled by fire, 1 water, 1 air & 1 Earth. Each 1 is an essential component necessary for survival. Each 1 alone has an unique set of talents and traits. Each 1 also has their own set of struggles and challenging aspects. Each may attract different energies, as well as emit. They all have 1 common thread for their element to even exist in it's true form, it needs the other or it can not possibly survive. Back to what I said earlier, that my family grasps, due to experiences, that no human can possibly live forever. Our physical bodies cannot handle eternity. But, I do know like the 4 elements- I need my 4 babies & my soulmate to survive through my journey.

Being a cancer I'm ruled by the moon. My husband a leo is ruled by the sun. 2 more obvious necessities. 1 gives us day and 1 gives us night. We on this planet function by both. Hell, the entire concept of time is based off of them. They balance our planet. With that astrological knowledge in mind, I was only further assured my intuition was on point. When I met my husband for the 2nd time, I was just turning 19 years old, but i knew in my gut that there was an undeniable sparked connection. I somehow just knew I was drawn to him for a reason. So I fully believed & began with no hesitation or 2nd guessing. We've been together 12 years now- just another sign that my intuition is strong!

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