Central Herraville Prison / Sweeney Residence




Additional information

Very tall and enormous area

Once a regular tower block until Lord Robert Sweeney converted it into a prison in the year 2020. He spent a lot of money turning the top of the tower into a luxury home and workplace for him and his children and demolished Herraville's old prison to generate funding for his new idea. His decision to raise taxes also paid off as he was able to renovate it into something spectacular in the year 2049 not only to make life a lot easier for him the older he got, but to also make the prison inescapable.

You can see the entirety of Herraville island from the top of the skyscraper

Ending setting in book 1

Very chatty and busy. Extremely quiet at the top.

Body odour near the middle and bottom. Fresh at the top.

Used to be a regular tower block containing apartments when Robert Sweeney's father owned Herraville. But when Robert took over, he evicted all its inhabitants and ordered for it to be built as high as humanly possible.