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I have been telling stories to others since I was eleven. I knew then that I love crafting tales and painting visceral pictures with words. Writing is as necessary as breathing to me. I hope that you will visit my website to get the full story. https://www.free-ebooks.net/my-library https://kalisto-barques.webnode.com/. United States.
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The Haunted Milk Factory

Не проверенная история This is a tale that has given many an active imagination nightmares. Whatever you do...don't read b this in the dark.
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Kressley's Krusaders

Не проверенная история A story of mercenary, Mark Kressley, his best friend, and his half-sister. Find out what life is like in the 22nd Century. Is it really so much different for man once the stars are reached?
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Healing with Nanotechnology

Не проверенная история What would Healthcare if we could use Nanotechnology? Please feel free to comment.
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Labyrinthine Beast

Не проверенная история This is a fantasy crossover of Jim Henson's: The Labyrinth, and Beauty and the Beast. I do not own the rights to either of the original properties. The only thing I own is the derivative story. You may not copy any part of this story.
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Reaper's Reward

Не проверенная история Follow a young man with a destiny he never expected on a journey through pain, redemption, and love.
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Не проверенная история Adeodatus Sidonius saw the rise and fall of Roman emperors since the reign of Vitellius. He's pillaged and killed without compunction for nearly 200 centuries starting with his heartless and calculating wife, Faustina in, 48 B.C. Now it's the year...
1.2k просмотры Story completed

Devil's Due

This is a dark, thrilling look into the human psyche. Bad things happen in this world that so many turn a blind eye to. Step into the macabre and challenge your senses.
2.8k просмотры Story completed

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