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Cat upon magic

Не проверенная история This is about a girl who visits her Uncle and cousin, and finds out animals talk in her Uncles store
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Because of Madison O Jone

Не проверенная история This is a story about a little girl with a dog, and one day, saves her parents with him
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Не проверенная история This about a family going on an annoying road trip, will they make it out alive and full of joy, or will they come back home dirty and nothing in hand
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Charlotte's web

Не проверенная история Fern, a girl, finds a pig and helps him. Wilbur meets some unexpected company refrasing a spider, rat, goslings and sheep's in the barn. Charlotte helps Wilbur from not being killed and dies on her own, leaving her five hundred and four-teen eggs ...
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The darkest land

Не проверенная история A Evil queen, Darkstar, wants to take down three kids, Aisha, Jake and Mary Rose down. She finds a way to rule the world but, the kids will take her down and she will die.
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College education (verse)

Не проверенная история This is a song about ending collage and how much you learned during your education
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How friends can be

Не проверенная история Each chapter has somthing to do with Ayla and Kaitlyn. This actully happens to me in real life so I decided to write a story about it. This story is mainly about a beautiful memory of me and Ayla for each chapter of our life. Send feedback if you ...
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What happens at Night, in school

Не проверенная история A little girl Sally, will find out what happens at school, with rhymes and fun she will fight out. She can write it for her imagination test, or to find out why gum looks like brains, and so just to say, enjoy the story please/ plase
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The missing files and letters

Не проверенная история This is about a girl who didn't become Manager. In head name, Rosinas mom complains to Mrs. Carney, and Rosina is spot by a lady named Jessica with a snake named Shadow who is only a lady who doesn't like fear. Rosina finds a way to become manager...
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