Stories to read in the dark

Scary stories to read in a dark room...
The dog Diego tries to recognize his house, while someone watches him through the window and his dog peels off the bones of a... By Martin Girona 5.6k просмотры 5 3 В процессе
In the Silence of the Night I know why you are screaming I taste the pain Yes i feel you By Litalea Draach 6.3k просмотры 9 5 В процессе
The Old Lady Just once my dad missed a Christmas Eve with me. [Written to the MicroPanic contest] #thrillertime By Ayzu Saki 6.5k просмотры 8 7 В процессе
The best ghost stories By: Various Authors By Obras SC 5.9k просмотры 1 В процессе