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Cavern's were dug deep into the Gnosi mountains, after all the riches and spoils had been removed and the mines were closed. Only a cult of robed inquirer's venture into them. That is where their mystic order meets to discuss things better kept out of the eye of public, like the questions upon questions of questions which should, intrinsically eventually lead to the actual truth. But what happens during one of their meetings, might alter the face not only of their small village on the slopes of the mountains- but also the entire face of humanity.

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Original Absense- of Mines and Minds

L’Absence Originale
By Daniel B. Martin
September 28, 2016

Part I
It takes Juan to know Juan

Juan sat there wondering what was lacking in his life. As he sifted through his memories and his ideas he also combed through every apparent recent desire. Perhaps now, we should question whether or not it should be any surprise that he cannot see that which he does not already have? We expect our desires to lead us to what we need- or that at least five times out of ten the two will correlate wonderfully.

What about the masks of the past that we all wear en face de la present moment? Juan wanted to make his own original mask, his own mode of seeing, abstract and perfect for his eyes only. His mask design he thought was unique in that it would provide view holes for both the eyes and the soul so that all modes of seeing could have access and not be blocked by the fortresses of cultural necessities and past ideas which are required to be noted in the design and fabrication of anyone’s self-mask.

Juan knew it would be too difficult and dangerous to remove his mask entirely and to place upon it a brand new mechanism without the light of the universe frying the contents of his head which are protected by the mask. Modifications were certainly in order but at the end of his workshop sessions, he planned to have modified his existing mask just enough that he could feel self-righteous in declaring it a new mask solely of his own design. He was still working on that wild dream one day during his short lived youth when he sat in the Council of Youth and Elders.

Part II

Those whom Brave the Cave

The caves had been dug windingly deep down into the Gnosi Mountain’s as the miners of the past had searched and searched through the thickest content looking for those precious gems which were jammed into the rock. After many years of somewhat successfully operating, the mines had been thoroughly excavated and they became very dangerous. The mountain had been so dug out, as was planned, piece by piece over time that it was nearing collapsing under its own weight. It was closed and all the public was warned not to venture into them. So, far out in the middle of nowhere -in a dangerous setting- we find our young Juan on his way to a gathering of the mystic Council of Youth and Elders.

It is damp and there is a smell like rotten eggs which fills the deep caverns. The old miner’s mess hall is still a few turns around the corner, but luckily the mystics know all of the best short cuts through the old laymen’s pathways. The dirty old men arrived long, long, before the youth and had placed lit torches along the caverns from the outside world down into the deep caves of Gnosi Mountains. The mess hall was carved into a rather large rectangular box room placed deep in the center of the mountain in an area where 4 pathways joined each from a true direction. All members of the cult know to enter from the path of the sun and come in from the east as the torches would have suggested.

Large red banners decorated with intricate golden dragons hung from bars placed near the tops of the tall walls. Candles were spaced out between the banners and long wooden tables were placed in rows which occupied almost all of the room except for the stage and the council masters table. The stage left side of each bench was for elders and the stage right side for the youth and as the days hours drew to a close all the hooded figures would be present.

“We come from the east for our mystic feast,
The warriors among us have killed the physical beast,
that the spirit of the boar might aid our souls
In achieving our incredible intellectual goals.

They chanted in unison, then stood up, and removed the hoods of their black cloaks and embraced each other hand to forearm as was traditional for such a ceremony. As soon as they settled and took their seat they turned attention towards the stage. Upon the point at which he had gathered all of their attentions the master of ceremonies stood to an enormous uproar of jubilation. He raised his arms up above his heads, and just as slowly as he brought them down into an upwards press in front of his heart did their cheers come waning into a complete silence. They felt the silence for a moment until Julio removed the hood of his white cloak of knowledge as he was said to be the wisest amongst them.

“Welcome brothers! We have many items on the agenda this evening. We have been having some recurrent issues with naming things, and what the best way to call them is. So we are going to have a vote on where to draw the line. Only before we vote on that we are going to discuss ‘what is drawing’, and ‘what is a line’ to make sure we fulfill all necessary categories sufficiently before we actually begin to ‘draw’ any sort of ‘line’ be it physical or metaphysical. But firstly I will pass the floor to the Master of the Agenda.”

Carlos was the Master of the Agenda, he flipped off the hood of his grey cloak as he stood up with his usual confident grin upon his face, “Good evening indeed! As we discussed we have many matters to discuss. What is matter? I guess the matter of what is matter should be the first item on our agenda.” He stood there for a moment searching for his pen about his many pockets to make a note on his notes about this amendment. As he was doing this one of the elder elders stood up, “Might I make a point of opinion?” And thus the meeting was truly in full swing.

Julio granted him permissions, so the elder-elder began, “I believe that in order to figure out what matter is, we must find out what it is made up of!” At which point a young-youth stood up from his seat and raised his hand. Julio nodded at him in approval, “I think matter is made up of smaller matter.”
“Yes. Yes of course, we already know that, we discussed that matter a few years ago when we were dealing with a different matter.”
“I understand sire, yet what matters today also matters.” Replied the cunning young-youth, his friend stood up out of turn and shouted, “Yes and everything matters, whether it’s a small matter or a large one!”
Julio rolled his eyes, and the elder-elder stood dumbfounded in reminiscence because they had had this argument so many times before and nothing had changed but the matter of the matter itself.
Thankfully one of the younger elders stood up, raised his hand and was granted permission to speak.
“Perhaps we just need to deal with a few of the smaller matters, in order to approach an agenda for dealing with the larger matters. The thought had occurred to me before, yet I am a long time attendant first time speaker…” He said somewhat nervously as if he was not used to addressing his thoughts to a crowd of thinkers.

Part III

The Open Door of the Open Floor

Most of the youth were confused and for certain all of the elders were at this point. They could not find out what was the matter with matter. It just kept changing, and incessantly as well so did their opinions on it- the farther and farther across space time that they tried to re-consecrate their ideologies. Something was always mismatched amidst the connection of last times idea and what the new matter was. With so many ever changing states, how could they all be unified with so much differentiation? These questions could be pondered for infinity. Well as it turns out, as strange as it may sound, this is actually precisely why these meetings existed.

The rest of the public was busy doing things, like not attending meetings in dangerous old caverns to discuss discussing. So to avoid the ridicule of those who ‘do not understand’ the mystic philosophers hid deep in the old caverns where man found wealth in the past, hoping to reconcile their ideas into mystic riches and to keep it shielded from those who even upon hearing the mystic truths still would not understand.

Carlos decided that this matter seemed so important and foundational to discussing anything that the floor should be open, “Gentlemen-gentlemen let’s keep this orderly. I declare open floor!” They began to stand, wanting to be one of the first to step up to the speaking podiums located at either end of the stage. Young, old, and all of those in-between wanted to voice their opinions on the matter of matter.

According to the traditions of their cult of mystic knowledge all of this is necessary so that the matters on the agenda cold finally be discussed. These are by the way massively long meetings and hardly much is accomplished at them as a group. All of them stood up so quickly, and so loudly, and all at once- each wanting to be heard and none being able to listen to the others without forgetting the contents of their own voice. And there was a great commotion.

Julio’ great white cape flapped up in the middle of the stage. The whirl of it caught fire as he tried to shout for order amongst the cavern. No one could hear him over their own voices, none able to be patient, to wait, to hear anything out or attribute any ideas to anyone else. No peace was established, and the open floor literally began to open. It swallowed the empty tables first. All of the occupants had rushed up to try and speak- wanting to be heard most loudly on the matter of matter. The agenda had never been reached, and now they reached and clawed for each other in desperation as the mountain began to crumble from within.

Futile- claw as they may the whole room, and then later crashing down on top of them the whole mountain was swallowed up by a massive sinkhole of actual truth. All of their knowledge was destroyed. It did not bug the town’s people in the least, they would just continue living on without the mystics, whether things ‘went well’ or ‘didn’t’ seemed of so little importance to them. They didn’t care much for the weird ideas and questions of the mystics and that is why they were not with them when the entire Gnosi Mountain collapsed upon them.

Those people still had the precious jewels of days past which were substantial and tangible unlike the ideological matter of ‘matter’ with which to remember their connection to what the great mountain once stood for. First it was an impassible natural behemoth, which was then by human minds and hands intelligently carved out, at which point the best was taken from it and returned to the people, and those who later thought they could go in and come out with something original were wrong. Because of the great absence which caused the sinkhole, as far as the public were concerned, and they were not concerned, it would only be known as the- absence original

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Daniel B. Martin Daniel B. Martin
Exactly! It is a bit of a fusion idea of Nietzche's lenses and John Campbell's mystic imagination masks. Thanks for your comment! I am always curious to see how well the philosophic expressions appear in the literature. Thanks for your input, By the way, I am publishing a new story today and have many more on my blog. dbmartinphilosophie.squarespace.com/blog is the link to more writing and information on my book as well. Thank again for your comment! Aloha
L_ A L_ A
I like the idea of comparing a Mask with a system of understanding and perception. Usually, a system of thought is compared to a lens, but the metaphor of a mask is more evocative, I think.