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Ashley is a petty, ignorant, snobbish girl and is seen as the 'perfect' girl with the perfect life, but inside she is problematic, she carries trauma with her that no one could bear, not to mention her family problems. She was considered 'perfect' because they never sought to discover their defects, when Ashley knew what she was becoming, from then on she could see that she had never even come close to perfection. Ashley has a legacy to fulfill, but the history of that legacy is revolting, she has to take the throne or the power of the supernatural realm can fall into the wrong hands, hands like her sister's who will do everything possible to get Ashley out of her way.

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I'm not a monster, I'm just different, and don't tell me "you're perfect", because I heard it all my childhood and the rest of my adolescence, and I believed it, anyway you would only say that because do not know what I am, I started feeling things that I would never imagine feeling, my first transformation was painful, but it is not because I am a wolf that I must be a monster, I am not just any wolf, I do things that a normal wolf would never do , this is what gets to be "different", not a "monster".

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