cristian-orellana Cristian Orellana

A short poem on melancholy and solace felt after great experiences.

Поэзия Всех возростов.

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Somewhere in Between

Beauty always ends the same,
these sprinkles of life in life,
they always leave a certain fragrance,
perhaps mystic, perhaps disguised.

Lies can sometimes be entrancing,
a taste somewhere in between,
between blood, tears and water,
sometimes dirty, sometimes clean.

Trust is rarely a thing to find,
in open and uncharted hearts,
it brings a promise of love and hurt,
forever wanted but shunned when it starts.

And love is never understood,
nor captured, much less taken,
It lies somewhere in between our lives,
between beliefs of being forsaken.

Thus I am here once again, 

with this fragrance, taste and promise,
living somewhere in between,
insanity, love, fear and solace.

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Об авторе

Cristian Orellana In search of sanity and peace. I write short poems, they give me solace and happiness. Rather dark and cryptic, I do hope they connect with someone. I am an amateur writer, and I hope to improve the more I write and learn. Thank you for reading. I also do some instagraming, look for me as @chirimantecman.


CC C Clark Carbonera
Another wonderful poem! Congratulations :)

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