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Stars TV & Film etflix 'unbelievable' Fashion & Beauty Royals Retro Home TV & Film 4 incredible Netflix-scandals The Streaming provider Netflix is incredibly popular, provided, however, so some of the scandals 1. July 2019 - 17:00, / Fiona Habersack Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette play the main characters in "13 Reasons Why" Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved Cookies are designed to facilitate the provision of our services. With the use of our services, you agree to our use of Cookies. Learn moreNetflix has been flying high and thrilled millions of people worldwide. The Streaming provider has made, but also some scandals. In this Video, we show you the four most egregious of them."Bird Box" was raised in 2018 a huge success for Netflix to complaints about the Thriller with Sandra Bullock (54). Because in the movie, real video material is from the wreck of a train in Canada's Lac-Megantic, which claimed the lives of 2013 happened, and 47 people. relatives of the victims complained of course about the use of the material. But it was only when the canadian Parliament intervened, took Netflix a scene from the Film. Hardly a Netflix production made but for as much attention as "the Dead girl lies". The series was a huge success and the main cast Dylan Minnette (22) and Katherine Langford (23) were known by the world.Because of the difficult topic "was added to Netflix every episode of" the Dead girl lie numerous warnings , but the series is accused by critics again and again, to glorify suicide. Despite the scandal associated with the successful teen series, does not continue to Netflix "the Dead girl lies" to continue. A third season has already been confirmed .

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