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When young model Lemina is forced to live with her famous agency's racist and emotionless son 'Toby Deboire' her life turns into chaos but after experiencing a taste of what he's like as her assistant or 'babysitter' as her agency likes to say she finds herself uncovering unseen parts of him and through the midst of it all starts falling for him in ways she would never have thought she would before

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Chapter1- how it all began

"Are you Asian or white?" the guy who just served me coffee asks, his eyes narrowing as he wonders. i'm at loss for words as I hear this,the shock making me spill a load of coffee on the floor. He doesn't seem to realise. "Uhh what do you mean?" I reply as I grab a load of tissues and wipe off the mess on my fingers. The man eyes me with disgust as if I'd asked to send back some half-eaten food. "You know what I mean love, your eyes are a pretty blue but your skin be a dark brown so what is it? Are you a tanning lady or a brownie at heart?" The urge to slap him was just so overwhelming that I had to dig my nails into my palm. I should go. I need to go, otherwise I'll be late for work but this guy needs to learn a lesson before he starts asking random people what 'their true identity is' and gets the wrong people pissed off.I turn around to walk off but then swivel back around, I know it's a bad idea to pretend to leave when the cafes already full, when the cue is at large but I must teach him a lesson, nobody else even bothered to help me during that awkward conversation i had just encountered so my instincts were totake as long as I needed. "Excuse me! I need to order my drink or else I'll be late for my doctors appointment!" The lady behind me snarls. " Still ordering" I reply flicking a hand dismissively and then add "you do realise that coffee is bad for you so I'd suggest you go otherwise" yes, I knew I was being that irritating lady but I just couldn't help myself.. The man behind the counter is now baffled by my ambience and loudly states 'I think she's on her you know what guys best not to mess with her" i hear exaggerated bursts of laughter behind me and now I'm fuming. He's smirking. I look down at his stained shirt and see on the lopsided name tag the word 'Caleb 17' messily scrawled across it. "Well Caleb I see that you have tried to purposefully embarrass me,well how about this I'm not just white and Asian I'm also African-American ,Arab and a teensy bit of an irritated cow!" I spit slamming my coffee down so that it slops to the side and spills on the counter creating a mess, then after glaring at him for a long few minutes I storm out and then shortly after I regret all the events that has taken place. With each step that I take towards my job I at myself and call myself stupid until finally I fall through the double doors which lead to my home place, work. I'm immediately greeted by a scowl from Amelia who is also my agent.She slowly strides up to me deliberately raising her eyebrows high up until the creases in her forehead are prominent "so would you like to tell me where you've been Angelica?" She demands. Excuses immediately pour into my mind and as I sift through each one I realise they will never be enough to trick Amelia.

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