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Dave Seville's roles as my beloved husband and Colossal Man accidentally by Radioactive bomb effects to regenerate and growth into a freak colossal Dad.

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Become a Freak Colossal Dad

Aftermath accidentally from Radioactive bomb in Navy Army Base... "Excuse me, I need to see my husband Dave," the nurse. His beloved wife rushes into the hospital. "Are you his wife Dionne Seville right?" She inquired her. "Of course! I am," the nurse. "You will go sit in the waiting room until the doctor will talk to you when he will finish repairing your husband Mr. Seville's skin body is damaged," Mrs. Dionne. "Okay. I guess so," the nurse. In the surgery room... "Give me a bandage heal that I will wrap up on his skin still burning and damaged," the nurse? "Of course! Here are you. His wife Mrs. Dionne Seville is in the waiting room," the doctor. She nodded her head and repeatedly to him recently. "All right. Send Mr. Seville to the recovery room now," the nurse. He ordered. "Yes, sir! No problem," Dr. Miles. Later one hour in the waiting room... "I wonder about my beloved husband Dave now. Oh, wells?" "Listen, I think your husband Mr. Sevillle accidentally by a radioactive bomb in the training navy army base last night," Mrs. Dionne. The doctor Miles comes in from the surgery room. "Oh my god! Is he okay," Dr. Miles? "Yeah. But, his skins are damaged that I wrap and heal up by a bandage medication heal. He is in the recovery room now." Professor Miles nodd his head and repeatedly. "Can I go to see him now?" "Wait until tomorrow morning," Mrs. Dionne. "Okay. I guess so," Dr. Miles. Dave's beloved wife Mrs. Seville understands what's he saying. Tonight in the recovery room... "Sighs. I have to check on his condition now. Oh my god! Dr. Miles! Take a look at this!" A nurse came in. "Oh, wells? That's odd. His skin is healing and regenerate up. I will talk to Dr. Lt. Wayne about this," The nurse. Professor Miles unwrapped the bandage off and took a look at my beloved husband Dave's skin and face recently. "What's about call his wife Mrs. Seville," Dr. Miles? She concerned about this. "I will call her tomorrow morning. Unwrap all bandages off of this," Nurse. "Yes sir," Dr. Miles. She nodded her head and repeatedly to him recently. To be continued...

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