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What thou art?

Who art thou

If not thou art?

I art me

Myself is art

Saying yourself is art

Is not blatant to say?

Not if in the speech

Gallant I be may

For we are both verse

Wouldn’t it be controverse

To art to be human?

Not at all

Art is expression.

And expression we are

If expression we are

And art is expression

Can we say we’re making art

In this poesie session?

We can’t only say

But we must

For we are poetry

And poetry is just

How can you say

That thou art just?

How could that I say

If not for God?

I’m god of my world

In the world of my God

So art you saying

Thou art god?

Every poet is a god

Of his own creation

But a subjugated god

To the one which is three

For we are feeble

And prompt to lust

Vis-a-vis to the Greater Creator

We art just dust

Now you came to the point

For dust we are

Small beings in the larger scope

From dust we came

Now something we art

Until to dust we return

In the meantime, let’s write and rejoice

With our brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers

With those who art our friends

For life is poetry

And God is life

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Fernando Avendanha Ó Capitão, Meu Capitão


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