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The chipmunks' adopted human single father Dave Seville uses Simon's miniaturization ray to turn himself into six inches ft tall to reunite his live-action African American woman novelist married his live-action husband Dean Cain thought she still had his childhood imaginary boyfriend.

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Her Childhood Boyfriend

Storyline pilot arrival on the front yard of 108 Burtonwood Dr. "Oh wells? I have to turn the miniaturization Ray on to beam on me. Whoa! Maybe I should hide it in the bushes. Phew! Sighs. I have to surprise a live-action African American woman by a gift basket now." The chipmunks' adopted human single father Dave Seville knocked the front red door then to hop in a gift basket now. Outside of the front red door... "Someone knocks it now? Oh! I take a gift basket from whom?" A live-action adult African American woman novelist heard and opened this, so she noticed at it is on her doorstep recently. Whatever funny happens in my master bedroom... "There is no note on it. I am curious about someone send a gift basket to me?" "Surprise!" The chipmunks' adopted human single father come out of the blanket in a gift basket. "Oh!? I thought got rid out of my childhood imaginary that's why there is a miniaturization imaginary boyfriend here!?" A live-action adult African American woman novelist shocked at him. "Imaginary?" He seems suspicious at her. "Yeah! You are!" She exclaimed. "Let introduced you. My name is Dave Seville of your childhood boyfriend." "I can't believe that I am adult not a kid anymore understand," Dave? A live-action adult African American woman novelist said. "Of course! I take my blue suitcase with me. I have move here with you. Tell me what's your name?" The chipmunks' adopted human single father got out of the gift basket recently. "Dionne Allen. You can't stay here with me. Because I am married to my husband Dean Cain," Dave. "Please," Dionne!? He kneels down on my bed and begs to her. "Sighs. All right. One condition but stay out of trouble?" "Positive! I promise you that I can be good. Whistle angelic!" To be continued...
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