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zephirat Andre Tornado

Nineteen years ago, Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park changed the face of music forever. It was the soundtrack for a generation. And its songs are immortal.

Фанфик Группы / Singers 18+. © Linkin Park doesn't belong to me. Story written for fans.

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A Tribute

An unexpected Papercut and I was One step closer to fight With you, those Points of authority were Crawling in my skin, bones and brain, and I Runaway too scared, I linger By myself in the cold dark, but In the end all I found was A place for my head where I could lay Forgotten, I was utterly alone trying to find a Cure for the itch that insisted to Pushing me away, it was My December, and then I woke up, frantic, invincible, stronger, my body and my mind completely alive, experiencing that magnificent and unforgettable High voltage.

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Andre Tornado Gosto de escrever, gosto de ler e com uma boa história viajo por mil mundos.


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