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Eternity is just a second, in which love manifests itself and makes of everything, serendipity. © miewgic | Yasmin de Carvalho 08/10/2019, 19:27hs. All rights Reserved.

Короткий рассказ Всех возростов.

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Chapter 0

Two souls, shining separately, but united by boundless love. Separated for miles away and yet, so close to each other.

Living different lives, in different worlds; cultures, traditions and social systems. One from the land of the sun, the other, from the land of the moon.

Two souls, experiencing opposite experiences, colors, flavors and nuances...

But no matter where they were, at noon or midnight, they involve themselves, like aurora borealis in a heavenly ballet, resonating the purest love song ever heard on this earth.

Cadences and staccatos, syncopations and decreasing... All rhythmic, in perfect harmony.

They were mortal, but their connection was ethereal. Made of star dust, from their parallel universes converged in one place, to become one.

From the stars, to the earth... A love story without borders.


Chapter 1

It was early, too early, but he's already awake. Maybe he even hasn't slept, but it was already an habit.

Nights in clear, in the lull of your studio. A cup of tea and the peace of doing what one loves. Nothing could be better, nothing was more gratifying.

The new song was getting very good, just a few more tweaks and would be ready to launch.

The anxiety was immense, but there was that simple confidence, of who know that worked hard and made it worth.

Everything would work out.

In the other side of the ocean, she was finishing a busy day, with a cup of coffee, just waiting for their moment...


Chapter 2

Her day was long and tiring, but also great! She completed her last work of the bimester and, with the exams over, could devote more time to her songs.

She was so happy with the nice results... No one said that graduate on Music was something easy, but she was doing well, very well. Just one more year and she would, finally, can be called of Opera Singer.

All the hard working was being rewarded. Back to home, she followed her rituals, had a warm shower, had a delicious meal and gone to bed. The cup of hot coffee resting on the knee - covered by soft blanket - it threw small clouds of smoke into the air, reminiscent of the fog of a pleasant day.

The memory of an old story, based on a millennial love made her smile, cause she knews, knews that he was waiting for her too... On their dreams.


Chapter 3

Finally, he went home. Finally, the work was done. His mind was spinning, many runaway thoughts, but there was a small red thread in the midst of that confusion... It was his guide to the necessary rest.

Hot water never were so good as that moment. The tired body went slowly relaxing, under the welcoming waterfall, all the confusion in the mind, peacefully paving the way for inner peace.

Minutes later, he was back to his room. Already had ate, and with all the hygienies done, she dove through the cozy sheets.

The only light in the room was the moon light... And was all that they needed.


Chapter 4

The only music in their rooms, was the sound of the silence. Their favourite symphony.

Quietly, they floated, in perfect sync, to their secret place...

The safe haven of your deepest and undeniable dreams. The place that was once lonely in its secrecy, became, thanks to that love, the most complex of all pluralities.

They were unique, but chose to be plural.


Chapter 5

Immersed in the deepest contentment of souls, the hearts in love fell asleep... They turned off from the world, to awaken to eternity.

The pure feeling that set them on fire was the same that permeated their days, through notes and chords.

They were eternal in their uniqueness, singular in front the eternity that love reserved.

For them, there was no past, present or future. They just were.

They were love, they were spark, they were flame, rain and storm. They were certain, they were verity, they were will, longing and eternity.

They just... Were.

Each of other, forever and ever.

And no matter how much the oceans separated them, no matter how even the sound of the voice or the touch of the skin hadn't ever been felt, they knew each other and recognized each other... Because they had been born from the foundation of love.

They were love. The fullest, the purest, the most ethereal.

They were two hearts beating in a single beat, the almost fast pace giving flavor to the waltz they insisted on practicing with their eyes closed...

Because the breast lay open, to the world, to life, to freedom.

And they were free... Free because they loved, and love is synonymous with freedom. And freedom was to love!

And they loved... Oh, how they loved. They loved altering tempo, changing dynamics, syncopating and anticipating; they loved each other under the sun, under the sand, under the cloak of stars and over the infinity of the universe. They simply loved... And were admired by the celestial stars, who contemplated their creation, giving thanks for such purity.

Because they were love, but also selflessness... They loved without measure and would kill for love or, as they preferred, live for love... And to love.

Because they were infinite...

And in that infinity measured by the seconds before the clock's awakening, they decided that they would love each other for eternity and beyond. And when they opened their eyes to the world, they would smile, because the meeting had been perfect and there were new stories to sing...

Because she was the lyrics and he, the melody.

And together, they composed the mysterious song called LOVE.


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N.e.b.o.h. AKA Trystn Waller N.e.b.o.h. AKA Trystn Waller
I really liked the phrasing in this story, especially Chapter 0, you used very beautiful wording and peaceful imagery


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