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In the Silence of the Night

Leave your bedroom window open tonight

I'll finally come get you

In the silence of the night

I crawled through your heart and touched your soul

I know what you're tired of

Just me lick all your bloody wounds

All the unsaid words

I saw them in your eyes

Are you ready to go?

Turn off the light!

Say your last prayer

And tell me if that's what you want

I'm going to meet you

I'll rescue you, wait for me

In the silence of the night

I know why you are screaming

I taste the pain

Yes i feel you

In infinity, I seek you

In the silence of the night I will set you free

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Andrés DM Andrés DM
I love it. It feels like a 80's dark rock song... (just sayin'). I think there's a missin' word in the sixth verse.

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