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Julius is tired of the name of the family attracting more people than himself. He had few sincere and loyal friends. The women wanted him as their husband because they wanted to use their money. He decided to relax from work and traveled alone to a beach in northeast Brazil where he met Eliana Mondelez and lived wonderful days ... Until he needed to return home urgently.

Любовные романы современный 18+. © All rights reserved.

#beach #fight #accident #pregnancy #friendship #separation #couple #money #291 #son #sun #love #dinheiro #férias #filho #amor #258
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General considerations

* Note

This work has been translated into English without the help of dictionaries, only for the author's own knowledge. If you find misplaced words or texts, please let me know in the email below. You will be helping a lot to improve more and more. Thank you!

[email protected]


Thanks to all the friends who encouraged me to take my books out of the drawer and share with all the people they love reading, especially novels.

Ninha Cardoso.

Copyright @ 2018 by Ninha Cardoso

All rights reserved. Reproduction, storage or transmission, in whole or in part, forbidden. All the characters in this work are ficticious. Any resemblance to living or dead people is mere coincidence. Romance registered. Please indicate, but do not share.


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