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Chapter 1

Are you ready to fight? Mark. Age 24. The underground. Cause of death - broken ribs, dislocated jaw, internal bleeding. Missing a finger.

You’re a monster! Amy. Age 19. Changing rooms. Cause of death - Throat slit open, blood loss. Missing a finger.

You’re fucking sick! Nate. Age 16. Alleyway. Cause of death - punctured lung. Missing a finger.

What happened to you? Leo. Age 18. Sideriver schools parking lot. Cause of death - forced drug overdose. Missing a finger.

Who did this to you? Matthew. Age 26. Alleyway. Cause of death - missing organs. Missing a finger.

Every victim is missing a finger and everything that is left from the finger is stitched up. That is how we know ‘Stitched’ is killing them.

I’m a monster…

“Wake up!”

Leave me alone, please! I'm tired of school!

“Get up right now or I’ll call Katlyn!” Ashly, my room mate shouted from the door to my room.

Fuck you, Ashly.

I get up from my comfy bed and go to the bathroom to take a shower.

Ash was also in the orphanage but they didn’t stitch up her mouth and half of the children there. I’m one of the unlucky ones who got their mouths stitched up. The children with no stitches are assigned to look after the ones with stitches.

I’m tired of this. Why can’t Ash just let me end all this? Why does she make me suffer?

“Hurry up!”

In response I turn off the water and get out. I was about to shout ‘Shut the fuck up!’ or something like that until I felt the pain in my lips.

13 years with these stitches and I still can’t get used to them. When is the day gonna come? I can’t wait for them to take off my stitches, even though it’s just for a couple of hours.

Thinking about it, a small smile was appearing on my lips until, again, I feel the pain of my stitches.

Argh! How I miss smiling, laughing, talking… Freedom…

“Get out already! You’re gonna be late!”

Oh my God, just shut up already!

When I get out I meet Ashley's eyes that are burning with fury.

What now?

“I heard you haven’t killed Officer Cooper, yet.”

Yes I haven’t. I nod.

“Is it because he has a family?”

No. I shake my head.

“Are you gonna kill him today?”

Maybe. I nod.

“Good, but I’m gonna make sure you actually do kill him today."

Fuck. You. Ashly.

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