Persha Bond

A story about a happy and handsome rich man who falls in love with an emotionless female bodyguard of his.

Любовные романы Всех возростов.

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Meeting 'HER'

[Being the only child in the family i was treasured by my parents . I was spoiled by them you can say . I guess i did some good deed in my previous life as i was gifted with a handsome face, body that all females fall for and rich parents.what more could i possibly want. ]


''William.....dad wants to talk to you about something important''.

''what is it dad ? Hurry i got a show to watch!!''

''William....i am appointing you a body guard .My friend in korea agreed to give his best bodyguard. They will arrive by tomorrow so from now on your not allowed to go outside without your bodyguard.''

"Dad .....why do i need a bodyguard? Is someone trying to kill me ? Why don't you say anything and just decide what you want to do! I don't want a bodyguard .I dont want to be watched 24/7''

''It's not up for you to decide . Its finalized. Stay here till they come. Now you can leave.''

''Whatever''(leaves room in fit)

---NEXT DAY---

''Welcome to my home Jin. Its been a long flight right, please take some rest .''

''Its fine Jimmy.....by the way .....where is your son?''

(William enters the hall where his father and Jin is sitting)

''Here's my son, William.''

''Nice to meet you sir''

''A handsome son you got there.''

''hahah.....where is the bodyguard of yours. You said he is the best one.''

''I promise to give you the best one so i will.....but it is not a 'He' it is a 'She'.

''SHE!!''( William and father surprised)

''Yes . I trained her personally for many years. She is the best in the service.''

'' Thats surprising ....call her in ....i want to see this best bodyguard of yours ''(jimmy)

''KYLA please come in.....''

(A girl who is slightly tanned with a toned and shaped body came in. She had light brown eyes that of honey. But her eyes were soulless. Her face was so cold as if she have never got warmth of anyone in her.)

[ william who always had the warmth of love from his parents, after meeting his cold bodyguard who is emotionless , will he try to give some of his warmth to her. ]

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PB Persha Bond
So guys, i am new here and this is my first story. I am sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Thank you all for reading . I HOPE EVERYONE likes this. Please do comment about how you feel about this story

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