Alyssa Cutt

This Is a story about an average guy and a princess and their "Secret Love." The Kingdom knows nothing about it so they hide it, Until one day they decided to till the Princess's father.

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Secret Love

By: Alyssa Cutt

Secret Love

When I was little my mom would always tell me a story about this Princess and a guard that fell in love, and the story goes like this. Everyday Wilson wakes up to his alarm going off at 10:00 AM and he has to get ready to meet Princess Anastasia in her garden. He gets in the the shower so he can be nice and clean to see her. When he gets out of the shower he quickly changes into clothes in a mad rush to see her. This morning he decided not to make breakfast. Instead he went straight to the garden at her castle and he always meets her at 11:30 AM but this time he waited there till Noon and she never came. He was very worried because she is never late but there was no way he could get into her room without her father seeing him. The worst part is that he is not very good at hiding in the shadows and it is hard for him to make sure that Princess Anastasia and him stay a secret. It also makes it really hard for him to keep them a secret because he sees her everyday at work, because he works for her father as a guard and her father is the King of the kingdom.

After Wilson sat there thinking about all of the stuff that was wrong in his life and he decided to go home. He Knew his shift started at five so he went back to sleep for a few hours. He woke up at four and got out of bed and started getting ready for work. When he got to work the King called a meeting for all of the guards. So him and all the other guards met with the King in the corridors and the King said “My brother is missing from our kingdom which leads me to believe that he was taken in the middle of the night.” Wilson said “What are we going to do in order to get your brother back?” The King said “I have a plan because as you all know Anastasia was taken from Vera once before so she will most likely lead the way even though I am against her going.” Wilson said “What about if we plan to leave at midnight so that way we have the advantage because we can use the element of surprise tacktick.” The King said “That is a great idea we will do that which means everyone needs to meet back here at midnight and in the meantime I will break the bad news to my family.”

Princess Anastasia wakes up to her alarm going off at 10:00 AM Just like Wilson does. But this morning she woke up at 3:00PM. Which made her very late to see Wilson so she continued her day like every other day, and she got in the shower to get ready to start her day. When she got out of the shower she was served a nice fresh breakfast that lay at the side of her bed, and she quickly changed into her daily clothes that she really hates because they are very uncomfortable. This late evening the head chef made her two eggs over easy, two hash browns served with ketchup on the side, two sausage patties served with maple syrup, four pieces of bacon, and a glass of orange juice. While she was eating one of her family's servants knocked on the door and said “Princess Anastasia your dad wants to have a family meeting.” she replied to her with “Okay tell father I will be down in a few minutes.” she listened to her footsteps as she walked away and went back to eating her brunch.

After she finished eating she went downstairs and walked into the living room where they have all their family meetings. Her father started off by saying “I never thought our kingdom would come to this but here we are once again.” Princess Anastasia said “What do you mean you never thought it would come to this what happened.” Her father said “Uncle Scott was taken in the middle of the night from our kingdom.” There was a dramatic pause in the room and Princess Anastasia and all of her siblings looked at each other with very concerned faces. Princess Anastasia asked her father “What are we going to do to save Uncle Scott.” Her Father said “I talked to all of the guards and we are planning to go into their kingdom late at night to get Uncle Scott back.”

After the conversation with Anastasia's father Wilson walked out of the castle to his post. He checked the time it was only 6 O’clock which meant he had only been working for an hour. The only thing he could think of was Anastasia and how much she means to him. He would die for her because he loves her so much. He just wished her father knew about them so that they do not have to keep their relationship from the entire kingdom. He hated standing there guarding the kingdom because it always gives him too much time to think about stuff that he does not want to think about. After so many hours of standing at his post watching over the kingdom it was finally almost midnight. So he climbed down from his post and started walking to the corridors with all of the other guards but there was a couple of them that stayed behind to watch over the kingdom.

It was exactly midnight when all the other guards and made it to the corridors and they waited for the King to arrive so they all could leave to get his brother back. Only a few minutes had passed then all of a sudden Wilson see’s Anastasia and her father walking down the stairs. When she walked downstairs with her father her and Wilson had a long moment of eye contact with each other. He watched Anastasia walk so gracefully down the stairs in awe of how beautiful she is. After their long gaze with each other they all walked outside to the front gate and one of the guards that was at his post opened the gate and all of them went to Vera.

When they all got to Vera there was a guard at the door watching the gate. Anastasia's father shot him so they could get in without drawing attention to all of them. After the King killed the guard Wilson threw a rope over the gate and everyone climbed the rope to get into Vera. They all recognized the fact that Getting into Vera was the easy part but finding Anastasia’s Uncle Scott is going to be the hard part. They all quietly walked in a huge mob together looking for her Uncle then Anastasia remembered how Vera kept her underground. So they all looked for a weird underground door and after a long time of looking they found the door.

After they found the door they stood there and looked at the door in fear of what was to come. The King got tired of standing there so he broke down the door and started walking in and everyone hesitantly followed behind him. Around every corner they turned there was a different obstacle that they had to face in order to proceed forward. When they got to the last obstacle they found a key in the wall so Anastasia took the key out of the wall and it set off a trap. Then all of a sudden spikes started coming down from the ceiling and the sides of the underground cave started to cave in. Everyone was frantically looking for something that would make the spikes stop coming down from the ceiling and stop the walls from crushing all of them. As they were running around Wilson accidentally kicked a rock and then everything stopped moving and a huge door opened and standing there was the King’s brother. Anastasia ran up to the prison bars and used the key to unlock the door and everyone was so happy. Once they got his brother back everyone knew that we needed to get out of Vera as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught by anyone in their kingdom.

Once they got back home everyone was patiently waiting for their return. They were all cheering and clapping and there was a huge celebration and everything was well back in the kingdom. Except for Princess Anastasia and Wilson they are both so tired of hiding their relationship from everyone. So the next day Wilson went to Anastasia’s castle to talk to her dad and when he got there he knocked on the front door. He stood there and listened as one of the servants answered the door and said “Hello how can I help you.” Wilson said “Hello I am Wilson I work for the King as a guard for the Kingdom.” She said “How can I help you?” Wilson said “I need to speak to the king please.” She said “Hold on give me one moment and I will go get him for you.” Wilson stood outside nervously waiting for the King to come and speak to him. He heard footsteps coming up to the door and someone opened the door but it was not the King it was Anastasia. Wilson said “My love are you wanting to talk to your father about our relationship with me?” Anastasia nervously replied with “yes I am ready but im worried about what he might say.” Wilson said “ Don’t worry about it I love you and that is all that matters” Anastasia said “I love you too let’s go talk to my father.”

So after all the long waiting they talked to Anastasia's father. He agreed that they shouldn't have to keep their relationship secret anymore. So Anastasia's father decided to throw them a party to celebrate. So a few days later the whole Kingdom went to the party at the castle and celebrated their relationship together. After all that time they were so glad it was finally out there that they are together but they regret not telling her father sooner.

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