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A short poem written by a Japanese soldier coming back from the war after suffering a serious injury on the battlefield. Is a piece of a larger project I'm working on.

Любовные романы Всех возростов.

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The water doesn’t reflect me anymore.

I am nothing but a human sailing on a boat.

Who will I tell about my sadness and misery, if the only ears to hear me are yours?

I’d like to feel your warmth again, touch your hands and face. I hope you’re like water at night, that way I shall never see myself.

We can talk about them, the clouds in the sky, the white, the blue and the red, how they travel and escape, far, far away.

I hope you can promise me you’ll be there, like the reflection of a person that you’ll never see again.

Words and weapons have taken parts of me away, now I only have my dreams of being there.

I won’t arrive like many of them, what is left of me has sunk, down, down there.

I came back to prove what I once said, I have survived but somehow there is nothing of me left.

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Simon Pacheco Wolf Escribo en Ingles y Español. Hablo Español, Ingles y Aleman. Vivo en Alemania. Aspirante a ser escritor de oficio. Me gusta escribir poemas sobre mi experiencia con la dictadura en mi pais y otros sentimientos dentro de mi. Mis historias son más que nada de terror, fantasticas, historicas o psicologicas. Sería un honor que me siguieras. English and Spanish writer living in Germany, I like writing horror/psychological stories and poems.


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