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Cassie Paul has been through a lot lately. she has some bumpy roads her way

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Being at school was a waste of my time. No one understood me, to them I was invisible. Ninth grader biracial girl with the honey brown eyes. The one with the brother who was always a punching bag.

It started with the voice saying Cassie,Cassie look its your big nose brother." That boy he's always up to no good just like his sister "said Chrissy. Look mind your own business Chrissy. Do you guys hear something. I rolled my eyes at her she acts like she's all high and mighty. As a I walked up closer to the crowd one boy had his fist at my brothers face. His face was bloody as the uncooked chicken momma try to cook last Sunday. I ran up and yelled stop it, don't you guys have any consideration for other people, filming him. Oh so you want me to stop Carlos said to me. Your curly hair brother he's a little punk ." Hey you get your hands off of that boy now "Mr. Wells said. Everyone dashed off from the fight, but me and my brother were caught by the vice principal.

1 hour later …….

Why do you always have to be unreasonable with me Mikey. You have to always try to fit in, to be one of those dirt bag . " Shut up" Mikey said. You always have to give me some kind of bull, Mr. Wells came in " before Mikey got a chance to say wat he was going to say. You guys can go home now I didn't get any response from your house phone." he said. If they only knew what more problems we were facing at home. As we both walked home in a deadly nasty neighborhood, dogs were barking , our neighbors were screaming tell their children to come inside. You're still mad at me are you I asked. "No I just like being quiet" he said in a sarcastic tone of voice." I was trying to help you" I said. I don't need your help, your help always makes the situation worst he said. Being the oldest it was always my duty to check up on Mikey even if he didn't want me to. When we arrived to the green and white apartment I got depressed just walking into this house. My hands shaking , trembling with fear. Where the hell were you two?? We heard a voice we knew who it was. Our mother was arrogant, selfish , self centered. She was a tall white lady with golden hair and brown, hazel eyes that made men melt away with her appearance. You and your brother know I can't be waiting on you to come home from school I have a date she yelled. I have a date, don't wait up, there's some pizza in the fridge warm it up. With frustration Mikey slammed the door in anger. "That boy he's something else" Mom said "As she walked out the house.

Later that night Cassie heard a car pulled up, her mom laughing at a man. She couldn't see his face, but she knew he was taller than her and her mother. Where her room was located she heard everything what was happening . Every man her mother played with or in her mother's term screwed around.

The following morning :

"Mikey come out of the bathroom we are going to be late" Cassie said. With a smirk on his face Mikey replied and said we are not going to be late the only person in we who's going to be early is me. Apparently someone is in a rush to get a beatdown again Cassie said with a smart comeback. Before Mikey could say anything his mom replied and said you two stop playing go to school. I have to work a double, don't wait up for me. Catching the bus was the hardest part of Cassie's day , being in a vehicle with a bunch of idiots, Cassie always wondered. The laughter of the children, playful noises, unusually mocked sounds of her. For Cassie's brother who hangs out with his geeks friends. As the bus pulled up to the school. Prince William High School where anything can happen and anyone can get a way with it . It was considered a ghetto school. Cassie hated it from the 1st grade she was picked on for being mixed, always was the loner. Cassie always thought of making friends but it barely worked for her, she felt low and unseen. She is a pretty girl brown pretty hair, with purple eyes. Skinny figure tall but short brown girl. Hey my name is Shawn. What? Can you show me the principal's office. Looking at Shawn made Cassie melted in one spot , she loved his gray eyes, snowy white smile. The way his dimples move when he smiles or talks. He was taller than her. She could feel his minty breath, breathing against her tiny body. Just standing there made her body on fire. Umm , my name begins with a C its umm. Common what's your stupid name she thought . Are you okay you are sweating a lot he said . I'm great she replied nervously. Can you show me the principal's office. Okay she shouted. He looked at her unusually and smiled, so what's your name, My name begins with a c. Cassie laughed slowly. It's Cassie Paul. Nice to meet you Cassie Paul, like I said my name is Shawn Hepburn. That's Shawn with an s , Cassie let out a sweet giggle. We have reached our destination Shawn with an s. He smiled at her. "Ring Ring" the bell rang for homeroom Cassie walked without looking back.

Cassie entered her homeroom class , with everyone laughing out of terms. A knock came at the door everyone looked ,trying to figure out who it was. Cassie looked and saw Shawn again her face burned with blood at the sound of his voice. My name is Shawn Hepburn, are you Mr. Roll?. Yes , would you mind taking a sit . As he sat next to her , he looked at her and smiled an evil smile, a I want you smile. She roll her eyes trying to figure out why was he smiling that way.

Finally she heard the bell ringing, her first class was math.Maths was a subject everyone needed but didn't like. Who didn't like Maths? She thought.

As the hours passed , her most important class she admired was poetry the way in which words move to the flow.

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