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Benefits of Therapy Dogs in Classrooms

Therapy dogs have been used for years after Florida shootings to ensure that students feel secure and supported, so they want to return to schools. According to research, these dogs can really help reduce stress and provide a tight connection in difficult situations. These dogs have been called miracle workers since they calm both teachers and students. This article will define what therapy dogs are and tell you how they are used in helping students with autism and those on college campuses. These dogs are great in communities after school tragedies.

What are therapy dogs?

Many people confuse therapy and service dogs. Service dogs are trainees which provide specified support to people with disabilities like hearing/ visual problems, mobility challenges, seizure disorders, and diabetes. Therapy dogs, on the other hand, respond to people according to their environments. They provide direction and guidance to people who have experienced some trauma. People are encouraged to talk or touch the dog whenever they are tense, so it helps them calm down. They are often used as part of animal-assisted therapy. Their main aim is to improve emotional, personal social and cognitive functions. So how can these dogs be beneficial to the students in the classroom setting?

They relieve stress

The truth is that students today, especially in colleges and universities, are experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress. There is an alarming increase of depression and stress-related issues among students in higher education institutions. According to research conducted on how therapy dogs can help university students, they can aid in reducing anxiety, and stress. They are also great in improving concentration, increasing energy and happiness and making them more pleased with life. These changes take effect after about 20 minutes of contact with the dogs each day. They are also thought to improve academic outcomes and learning progress.

Improve relationships

The most important job of these therapy animals, as seen in this animal farm essay, is improving relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Dogs are great at causing people to trust and want to nurture. They provoke empathy from their owners and call them to show more love. This does not just stop with the classes. The students also take these qualities with them outside the educational institution. They show unconditional love.

One of the main causes of depression among students is the fact that they have a difficult time trusting people and talking about the situations they are going through. Therapy allows them to trust more, talk to the dogs and express their feelings. They are also more likely to begin trusting their friends and talking about what is bothering them thus reducing stress and depression. In addition, it improves and strengthens these relationships.

Improve school attendance

After traumatic events in the school, learners are often afraid of going back to their schools. The trauma makes most of them opt not even to go outside. To reduce these issues, they need therapy with animals. After several sessions, they are more motivated to go to school so they can spend more time with animals. This significantly improves school attendance and performance. They also gain more confidence to participate in school activities and help other students with any questions they may have about studying.

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