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New year, New story

New year New chapter.I have learned alot in 2018. It's even to much to say. This year we all starting a New season With a New chapter. That means sometimes that people Will go and in this New chapter people Will come. Don't force friendships or relationships. When the time comes then you Will Be ready. Friendships has to come from both sides. When Thats the case than leave them and see or they care. When Somebody truthy cares about you they Will show it. By There Actions. Promises Are not promises When you take No Action. My friend told me When Somebody doesn't make the effort to talk to you then they Are not worth it. It's like a Nintendo. When it's New people don't buy it But After a fee years it Will Be something worthy. That worthy thing is you. And then they mist out on you. Be yourself, do something what you love. And live Your life. Do you have a goal? You can't have always control for what comes in Your life

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