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Hello! this a fellow young female pansexual that rants her own community, because this new generation of LGBT+ seems to be a little bit too dumb.

LGBT+ Всех возростов.

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My dearest, LGBT+ PEOPLE

Why are there people who are determined to believe that discussions end up qualifying someone as machist, racist, homophobic? Why is reality being rejected? They seem unanswered questions, but no, they have them and they are much simpler than you would expect and to make sense I will give as an example to the LGBT + community, which in some places is written LGBTI are also the LGBTQ and more, but , the most common is the first one, in the second one, apparently the "I" is the cutting line that starts the movement completely as if they were all a piece with a philosophy, it starts to irritate the heterosexuals and people with actual brains that are part of this community. Why? Because you only have to see what they put in their definition of "community".

INTERSEXUAL: This is basically a baby that is born genetically developing aspects of man and woman. Even with both genitals staying halfway.

In their fight, some say that the solution is not to be assigned as a young teenager (although it is the most recommended) and to decide as an adult, a law that Germany already has.

QUEER: Neither men nor women. If a guy likes a girl, he does not say he is heterosexual because he is not a man and if he likes a boy he does not say he is gay for the same reason. They take advantage of the confusion of the word to give it the meaning that they like the most, so do not be surprised if you see different definitions use that ambiguity as a rebellion. With "queer" we start to enter unknown territory because to describe themselves they often use words like "choose" or "option"

ASEXUAL: No sexual attraction, at the beginning, but some pages mention that people like these have regular sex or masturbate too much. This does not invalidate your Asexual identity, that's what it seems, if they are spitting in your face and they ask you to swallow their saliva and ask them to forgive you, it is precisely that fact that is the only one capable of invalidating it according to this "logic". What?! if I'm eating meat you tell me I'm not vegan ?!

DEMISEXUAL: Only sex someone who he, she or them knows well, that is, with couples not sporadic.

LITHSEXUAL: Platonic love said in other words

FRAISEXUAL: That he, she or them likes casual sex

RECIPROSEXUAL: Only sex with someone who they know beforehand that they love them, couple or not.

ALOSEXUAL: A word created by asexuals to refer to everything else that does have sex, which apparently includes them. Just to understand that sexuality is not abnormal, incredible as it may seem, is to remove the negative connotation that they believe has the prefix A, it comes to mean the opposite of something or lack in this case. A useless attempt since as long as the word exists the meaning will not change. Asexual is abnormal by definition, but of course, abnormal will be an insult only if you receive it as such.

AUTOSEXUAL: narcissist people

BISEXUAL: Only attracted to men and women

POLISEXUAL: It is the "ability" to love more than one person

PANSEXUAL: We have the ideology that there are more than two genders, we love everyone, but there is a problem removing me from the list (For some I write it) the majority when describing this sexuality says "it is the attraction to men, women and transexuals"


Saying it that way so separate creates an erroneous understanding that transsexuals are not men or women but transsexual, transsexual can not be described as a gender describes the change from one to another, then, it would not make sense to make a change of sex from one to the other. It doesn't make sense to change from a boy to a girl, if then they do not put you in the category of women, nor your own "community". Here you begin to see the fracture, the brutal damage that is being done to you with that concept of no binaries of neither men nor women that I will later comment better.

It may seem stupid but they do not see the transsexuals for what they are man or woman but for the change assuming they are neither, admit that, admit that their attraction is based on change and not for those who are as they admit is admit that you are a bisexual person after all, for now let's continue.

GENDER BENDER: Use clothes of the other sex in principle to enter places that your sex or gender could not. That is seen in many doramas (soap operas) The girl who dresses as a boy and then the boy falls in love and goes crazy because he falls in love with the boy and finally discovers that she is a girl and gets angry because she has lied to her, but, in the end, everything ends well.

ANTROSEXUAL: The same as pansexual only that the person does not know it yet ...?

SKOLIOSEXUAL: People are attracted to those of neutral gender

ANIMESEXUAL: Those who are attracted to those who do cosplay

COMPUTERSEXUAL: Atraccion to your computer specially to pornography published in pages like XVIDEOS or PORNHUB

GENDER FLUID: In case the previous thing was already painting regular with the "asexual" having sex , the gender fluids are the ones that be man or woman, or nothing or only the two at the same time they come and go. Today man next week woman, the next day again man but with five tablespoons of woman, a week disappears because he is neither man nor woman.

At least we agree that someone depending on what you want to say that you feel man or woman in a problem at least we can agree that this is a problem, not for me or for you, assuming you are not transexual but for that transexual person who has had to fight all his life so that now someone says that the fact of feeling like a man or a woman is a feeling that comes and goes, reduces the credibility of the other, is very fucked up and to god knows what extent, because, the three gender person thingy, would be able to ensure that they are transsexual, that is, they feel like a woman without gender dysphoria, that is, they would not want to have an operation because feeling transsexual was just a stage because the damage they do to transsexuals is huge.

The human being is really simple, we tend to reduce everything to the absurd one and for that reason a disproportionate rejection towards the transsexuals is created and that before did not exist. With that, we begin to understand the rejection that within the community is giving the fluid gender by transphobic calling the same transsexuals, others calling transphobic the pansexuals for not seeing trans people as men or women.

Since 1992 (perhaps earlier) it began to be seen that political correctness created a pluralist ignorance, that means that although privately they may have contrary thoughts in public, they share and encourage an erroneous view of reality. Well, now let's get into the politically correct issue.

The pressure that has been exerted so that nobody can call you racist, homophobic or machist is mainly that fear that feeds our ignorance that forms a vicious circle that is sustained by the innate fear of making a public ridicule of being pointed out, of creating situations committed is an idea that others support something very much and therefore it is correct, but no. It creates a complicit silence in which nobody speaks despite having doubts.

You can see that in works like The Leaf Van Boven Positive Discrimination, the labels are heavy and in part it is normal that we individually look for a gray area that allows us not to be marked and at the same time take the political corrections of others as a value social and moral, that desire not to be seen as racist, machist, ect ... gives way to publicly support issues that would not be done privately. This collective ignorance is what we saw as capable from confronting the LGBT + community that is beginning to stop being a "community". In the framework of acceptance it seemed good to go adding people, "the more the better", and yes but applying something called and known as "common sense".

If an asexual comes out that says to have sex regularly and that does not take away her asexual condition and that she is part of the LGBT + community for a moment and we are going to think about what just happened because I think that the logical part was gone. But the fear of not wanting to question you want something as basic, illogical and stupid as that, creates a silence and that gives way to the autosexual, a man who masturbates and loves himself a lot.

A silence that allows someone who says that depending on the day he feels man or woman is not questioned, of course, if you open your eyes a little you will find the scenario of "gender fluids" calling transphobics to the transsexuals. It gives the feeling that there is no intermediate point and is in fact the reason that there are many memes that you do what you do is wrong.

Help: BAD

Not helping: BAD

Precisely that is what causes this ambiguity, which creates the happy "political correctness" that corrupts everything that touches, not solving the problems if not making them more subtle and these new forms of prejudice is that homophobes, transbobos and sexism there of the same LGBT + community and thanks to the above, to political correctness, they do it in such a subtle way that it is hard to detect it even when they do it they believe it is not harmful but the damage is already done.

Why is there so much fear? As I said at the beginning, because they have made us believe that to question is to be automatically against, because if even all the logic of the world you question, they will continue to consider it as an attack. As absurd as they sound if what they say is justified with equality and then they can reduce your questions to attack you in some way. That is to say that an asexual having sex seems to you stupid, you are against ALL the LGBT + community, they have achieved that what should be the most tolerant community is transformed into the most intolerant community that can be seen.

In conclusion, thank you to millenials and generation Z for exaggerating everything and ruining such beautiful community of which I am a part of.

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