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When two brothers are forced to fight Risk their lives They will fight anything As long as they are together

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It was war. This war started about thousand of years ago. Ever since the first two Alpha wolves ever walked on the face of this planet.
One, was named Nalion. The other Balac.
Both were like gods. Wolf gods. They both had to protect the forest and wolves that were in it. Balac was selfish though. He wanted to govern the forest. Though Nalion knew his brother was up to no good.
Yeah, that's how war started.
Nalion created ten wolves. We call them the Ten Lighten Wolves. They had a mission to kill Balac. It took many tries, many battles, to successfully kill Balac. Though we know that gods are immortal. Balac was sent to the bottom of the earth where Nalion sacrificed himself to seal it tight. The Ten Lighten Wolves then turned stones since their mission was over. They can only turn back when they sence the dark blood of Balac.
There were barely any wolves though. The war had brought much challenge.

But , it hasn't finished.

Every decade or so, packs of wolves gather to choose the alpha of the alphas.
Magnus, a dark blu and grey wolf, decided to try it. He was a very patient wolf. Though he was a bit young.
He was a gladiator. He fpught bears, Cougars, and other wolves.
They had to try to convince the pack Alphas to see which could run for the big Alpha. Of course, Magnus won. Which made Dralac furious.
He then started a pack of wolves.
War once again.
This is an even worse war.
Many wolves have died. We have almost become extinct because of it.
There is the good wolves and the bad ones.
oh, and humans.


this story will be about twins. Twin wolves. Brothers. And it will be about their lives thru the hardships of this war and how they changed it.

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