angel2 Diana Polanco

The most popular girl who; after being dared to be the girlfriend of the meanest guy in school, without wanting it, she finds herself in love with him

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Dare You

I have been asked my number by a lot boy's in the school, all the girls are my friends or at least most of them because their boyfriends break up with them to ask me out. A girl who after I came is trying to make me fool of my-self on everything thing I did came with a brilliant idea of her own. "So you think you are so pretty that you get anything you want, well then It's test it out. I dare you Nicole" said Ana. "Don't pay attention to her Nico she just jealous that her ex is pleading for a date with you while he didn't got out with her at all" said  Lizbeth my first close best friend. "Fine, what do you dare me to do" I couldn't answer anything else not only cause I was surrounded by people but to prove to her hat she have always been wrong about me. " I knew you'll said that so, I dare you to be Alex's girlfriend" she had a bitter sweet grin on her face. Everyone around was looking at me and they had many reasons why, he was the meanest guy in school and told guys that I was just pretty trash. Ohh and that wasn't all but for some reason we have been in the same clases since kinder, nobody can say I don't know him. Anyway I had to answer fast because all the others wherein pure suspense for my answer. "Dare accepted, Ana" she looked like she was the Queen of the world with her face. Lizbeth was more worried than I was, she knew how I felt about this situation but did not try to do anything, she know's my responsibility in front of people. I like satisfying people around me as much as I can but this will cost a lot, "When will the dare start, Ana".  "Get juiced up, It starts now" Ana left with no word and so did I knowing exactly where my new Mr. Bad Boy would be.

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Diana Polanco Diana Polanco
Remember that next week on Friday goes out the 2 chapter, don't miss it.
Diana Polanco Diana Polanco
Hope you all enjoy

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