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The narrative of a teen-age girl being left alone and your lover who doesn't even know your there

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Watching him from away, prentend I don't notice him, It's the only way he talks to me. I don't really like it, but it's better than getting Ignored, like who would like a girl like me. A bit light skin not much difference do, blonde and brown hair, who would like a person like that. I'm not skinny like other but a bit fat do, candy and eating are the things I know. Not to mention I never had a real boyfriend on my life, or they meet me by luck or never get response. I don't know how to act around guys, I don't like talking much to them. It's not that I don't like it but I don't find anything really interesting to talk about, I feel I'm a ghost around them all,  like if I wasn't there. I make them see me as if I was not there sometimes, but it's because I'm frustrated than I'm failing Language arts and I really have always been on the top on every class except for gym. His name is Eddie Ramos and he fools too much around like to even care about me, if he ever had a list of who he would like to care of I won't be there. I'm a loyal friend to those how are good with me, like real good that I can call friends by heart, they get to see the inner me the joyful girl that still hasn't grow because her father die long ago. Some people say I'm weird by I can't tell them anything, I act way different than all the others do so I do't care about It too much. There's a thing that you might also want to know but sometimes It's kind of ovious, I have a certain debility for the troublemakers in class but sometimes also for the inteligent ones that like fighting for a winning and competing against me. One example of a guy would be Jaxson Green also called by friends Jaxsi;alfha, and Estarlin which last name I don't know. There prcious and one of the least of people that make my nightmares stop for a second.

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Diana Polanco Hi I'm Diana and I love writing, sometimes I don't finish but I just love to write


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