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If your a lover of fantasy and drama, this is a story you might be interested about. An imposible love of a vampire and werewolf , who afther having secret dates see a handsome and malevolent witch

Драма 13+.

#fantasy #romance
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Umm Blood

“Where are we going” the girl vampire whispers in the ear of the werewolf.

“Just wait, you'll see” answers the werewolf.

In a moment they are surprisingly rounded by blood-cover roses and a beautiful view of waterfall.

“Wow, It’s amazing Alfred” the girl vampire said

“You deserve better Angeni” said Alfred

“It’s nice the touch, but we are in the open. Haven’t you thought it’s risky for both of us.” Angeni approached.

“I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to do for you” Alfred blushed a bit embarrassed.

“Come on, just being with you is enough and anything I could wish for”. Alfred smiled.

“ Now let’s have a good ti….” (Angeni stop’s in the middle of the sentence and start’ sniffing).

“That smell, its fresh...ummm… tasty. Where does it come from.” Angeni’s mouth started to water.

“ It’s the roses covered with blood, I choose the best blood I could find”.

“Wait the best one! The other vampires can smell it perfectly 6 miles away, we have to get out, Now!

“We won’t have time to get out then, I put the blood in the roses a few minutes and anyway they should be here by now” said Alfred constantly looking everywhere. All of a sudden Angeni heard distinguished sounds coming at great speed ahead for them and she could also smell werewolves coming to this direction on the opposite side from where the noise of vampires was heard.

“We are trapped what are we going to do! They’ll see us, just imagine what they will do to us Alfred” panicking talk’s Angeni.

“Calm down and start thinking of something, you always come up with quick ideas and responses, be creative.” Alfred says this and pet’s Angeni’s head.

“I got something but you have to follow it letter by letter,now listen…….” Angeni whispers something to Alfred ear. 

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