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Life was comfortable numb until Boss Robot got unexpectedly attacked by the love malware

Научная фантастика Всех возростов.

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CHAPTER ONE. Love malware

It’s so easy to live with the Robot Boss. Everything is clear, everything is logic, there is no room for nonsense, and life goes smooth and easy. However, it’s close to impossible to be a regular sensible human next to him. Feelings are undesired, they are non programmable, impossible to control them, they do not obey the most basic coding rules, are hard to track them. Feelings are the hidden malicious malware that is spread through the deepest kiss. Maybe I should prevent this to Robot Boss, maybe I should have told him:

Beware of kisses Robot Boss, avoid them as much you can Boss, because they can become really malicious –

Once that Robot Boss is infected with love malware everything starts to be chaotic. Love malware might be the most destructive virus for the Robot Boss, it goes straight to his brain, slowly and silently destroying all the perfectly organized interconnections, messing with its extremely logic behavior. And the most dangerous part is that love malware cannot be detected on the preliminary stages of infection. Years can go by slowly, as well as the love malware infection, and then suddenly, without any warning it is ready to attack and crash the well balanced, structured and logic of Boss Robot’s life.

Once that love malware has taken control of the entire brain, is already too late to stop it, your coding do not compile anymore and everything is already messed and the only error message you might received is:


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