A family of four is enjoying their weekend at their cabin by the Pinewood lake. However, the holiday gets an unexpected turn, and the situation gets out of hand. #ThrillerTime

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The Unexpected Visit

I would lie if I said I liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief visit at their wooden cabin nearby the Pinewood lake. Spending a day there was a complete release from everyday life. They were very hospitable towards me. I was allowed to use any of their tools I wanted to. I chose my old buddy, hacksaw. As a carpenter and a cutter enthusiast, hacksaw is by far the most enjoyable tool to use.
At first they were quite talkative, but it did not take too long until they had talked their mouths clean, so to speak. The floor was unfortunately slippery after finishing the procedure.I wanted to make up for the mess, so I offered to teach them my famous stew recipe. They were surprisingly willing to lend me their hands. Such a lovely family!
Later, as I was turning to my right to pick the salt, there was a man. He was pointing a rifle at me. He said with a trembling voice how I was a psychopath and that I am going to pay for what I did. For what? For creating a mouth-watering dish from the most fresh ingredients available? I realized I did not have many options and he certainly was not excited about joining at the dinner.
I was still pondering about the best option, until I saw my hacksaw hitting the man's throat. The saw moved rapidly from left to ride, ripping the skin and creating a red spring around his neck. The man gargling, dropped his rifle and fell on the floor. A woman was standing behind him, holding the saw. I smiled at her: ''Darling, you are always right on time.''
She replied with: ''Don't leave your hacksaw laying around ever again'' as she was handing it back to me. 
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wow this is great
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Ouch! That was very good :) You are also participating on the contest "You are guilty"?

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    Thank you for your comment and like. :) Yes, I'm participating on it! September 04, 2018, 18:27