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We live in a world, we’re the words I love you are taken for granted.The real meaning of love vanishes. Today saying I love you is as easy as eating a piece of cake but how much can you truly love someone? how many obstacles can that love overcome?

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Next time you tell me you love me, Don't tell me you will love me always.

I want us to be realistic and enjoy today Because tomorrow is not a promise.

Tell me you love me now.

Tell me you adore me now.

Hug me and hold me tight into your arms.

Now , right in this moment.

My forever and your's

might have different time limits,

and I don't love just for

a few days,weeks, months, or years.

I love for forever.

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Nova Leeann Verna Pollock Nova Leeann Verna Pollock
I really like this it's very inspirational and true I hope it teaches others this

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