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awilda03 Awilda De Los Santos

Too many times the words I love you are taken for granted, and the real meaning of love vanishes. Today saying I love you is as easy as eating a piece of cake but how much can you truly love someone? how many obstacles can that love overcome? next time you say I love you, think about it. You might also asked your loved one not tell you that they will love you for forever.

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Don't love me for forever

 Dear,  lover

Next time you tell me you love me, 

Don't tell me you will love me for forever. 

Tell me you love me now.

Tell me you adore me now.

 Hug me and hold tight in your arms.

NOW! right in this moment.

My  forever and your's

might have different time limits,

and I don't love just for

a few days,weeks, months, or years.

 I love for forever. 

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