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He is the king of the Wolves, she is one of the princess of the foxes. They are extremely different and both their kingdom seek each other’s downfall. The wolves are fierce, the foxes are crafty. But at the end one kingdom must rule ……. But their constant power struggle kindle an unending passion between them both. To keep their love they must either forfeit it or challenge their close ones.

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In the woods

The Leaves dripped water continuously observing its photosynthesis. And there were various pointless sounds of wet thistles stomped by feet.

Various trees aligned in uniform patterns. With the mahogany ones standing out in terms of height and visibility.

The forest was stark naked that one couldn’t decipher movements. Hidden behind the thick curtain of rain, the creatures of the forest remained undetected, their footsteps muffled by the wet undergrowth. Amidst the symphony of raindrops and rustling leaves, a pair of bright eyes watched from the shadows, keenly observing the chaos that unfolded before it. The scent of damp soil and decaying leaves mingled in the air, creating an earthy aroma that filled the forest with an intoxicating musk.

As the rain tapped rhythmically on its leaves, the trees seemed to sway in synchrony, dancing to the ever-changing tempo. Through the misty haze, a figure emerged, shrouded in an enigmatic aura that heightened the intrigue of the forest even further.

“Stop fighting brothers” a deep baritone voice spoke out from the shadows, echoing through the stillness of the forest.

The pack all came to an halt after their Alpha had spoken and made a loud woof.

Klauf then took a deep breath and address his race.

“We are not just Wolves for any reason, we are gods,

we should not always take to heart other creatures actions.”

The rest of the Pack nodded faintly their golden eyes reflecting a mix of weariness and understanding. They had been at odds with the neighboring creatures of the forest for generations, locked in an endless cycle of territorial disputes and bloodshed.

The Foxes were once Allie’s to the wolves as written in the ancient records but due to thirst for freedom they wanted their own independence.

“The Foxes have not showed any form of threat for the past decade, why should they now” Klauf said to his furious pack.

They all transitioned to their animal mode and returned to their various dens.

Klauf was relived as he sighed continuously. Being an Alpha was not everybody’s cup of tea. To lead such vicious creatures like his pack demanded a lot of consistency in domineering act

Klauf had no choice than to be merciless, ruthless. He is danger in a person, a runaway from of all creatures in the woods. Even the birds know his footsteps. The eagles have refused to build their nest on his trees. The lions have refused to pose as kings of the jungle. They all fear him, living and non living.

In his closet he was unpleased and wished all could come to him rather than flee away at his presence. But out of all creatures that feared Klauf was a young monkey called Toto. Toto is a very clumsy creature and doesn’t fear any than his hungry belly.

“Climb up the tree with me” Toto said as he kept throwing bananas at Klauf. Klauf, the fearsome Alpha of the forest, found himself in an unexpected predicament. Perched on a tree branch, he watched as Toto the clumsy monkey pelted him with bananas.

With a mix of irritation and curiosity, Klauf reluctantly climbed up to join Toto on the branch. He couldn't fathom why this fearless little monkey was unafraid of him.

As Klauf settled beside Toto, the monkey continued to munch on bananas, blissfully ignorant of the wolf's imposing reputation.

In that surreal moment, a peculiar friendship blossomed between the fierce Alpha and the cheeky monkey, teaching Klauf that sometimes, even the mightiest creatures could find unexpected companionship in the most unlikely places.

And so, high in the canopy, amidst the rain-soaked leaves, an unusual bond was forged, challenging the norms of the forest and reminding Klauf that there was more to leadership than just fear and dominance. The unlikely duo of Klauf and Toto continued to share the tree branch, their companionship deepening with each passing day.

Klauf, the once-feared Alpha, found solace in Toto's simple, carefree nature. He learned to appreciate the joy of sharing bananas and the freedom of laughter that had been absent from his life as a dominant leader.

Toto, on the other hand, enjoyed having a protector in Klauf. The wolf kept the more aggressive forest creatures at bay, allowing Toto to explore and feast on his beloved bananas without fear.

Their friendship became a symbol of unity in the forest. Other creatures, once at odds, began to see the value of harmony and cooperation.

As time passed, Klauf's pack learned from their Alpha's newfound wisdom. But that didn’t resolve the long banter with the Foxes.

And so, high in the canopy, amidst the rain-soaked leaves, an enduring bond served as a reminder that sometimes, the most powerful force in the world was not fear or dominance, but the power of friendship and unity.

“The Foxes should bow to us also like all the other creatures of the woods has done” Maphil, Klauf chief warrior spoke. Despite the newfound wisdom and unity within Klauf's pack, the tension with the Foxes remained a persistent issue in the forest.

Maphil, the chief warrior of the wolf pack, was not as willing to embrace harmony and cooperation as Klauf was. He believed that the Foxes should bow to their dominance, just as other creatures had.

Klauf, torn between his desire for peace and his duty to lead, faced a challenging decision. He knew that forcing the Foxes into submission would only perpetuate the cycle of conflict that he had worked so hard to end.

With a heavy heart, Klauf addressed his pack, "We cannot force others to bow to us. Our strength lies not in domination but in the unity we have forged. Let us find a way to coexist peacefully with the Foxes, as friends and equals."

The pack grumbled in disagreement, but Klauf's words carried the weight of experience and wisdom.

In the midst of the rain-soaked canopy, the enduring bond between Klauf and Toto served as a reminder that true power lay in friendship and unity, not in enforcing dominance over others. It was a lesson that would test the pack's newfound wisdom and challenge their notions of leadership.

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