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Larsen Phillips can no longer bear to see Futora Romanaro like this anymore... Part of the SARTAM universe. For the best experience, please read the first chapter of my original novel 'SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar' first and then my original short tale '48 Hours: The Tale Of Futora' second.

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This Moment Forever

I couldn't believe that I just did that. I just couldn't. I suffered a mental breakdown and yelled at the woman of my dreams, Futora Romanaro. I was horribly depressed for 730 days straight, which is an entire year on Cinthyatar. I kept telling myself that I could handle the pain that life threw at me, only it was just another lie. The truth is, I regret being me. I ruined everything. For both me and Futora, the love of my life. All because I listened to some stupid fucking idiot who gave me a defective gadget!

After watching her leave my video game implant store in fear, I immediately went to my smartphone that was laying upright on the checkout counter and moved my face closer to it.

"Cier!" I yelled out, hearing a ping noise shortly afterward.

"Call Damien Umbris!"

"Understood. Placing call now..." a female voice said from my phone.

I waited for 2 minutes, getting increasingly impatient as I then heard the constant ringing in my smartphone. I knew he was avoiding me on purpose. He had been ever since the incident...

"Pick up you motherfucker!" I shouted loudly, slamming my now clenched right fist down next to the device.

After nearly five damn minutes of persistent ringing, it finally stopped. Putting it on speaker, I waited until I heard the sound of Damien's stupid, weasely voice...

"Hello?" He said curiously, pissing me the fuck off.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" I yelled out, failing to contain my rage.

"Oh! It's you, Lars. Hoping to get another one of my amazing gizmos? Haha!" Damien gleefully said to me.

"You really gonna ignore the fact that your junk of a wristwatch basically ended a woman's life? How in the actual fuck could you play this off like nothing has happened!?" I angrily stated to him as I picked up my smartphone into my right hand, squeezing it tightly.

"My guy. Futora Romanaro is still living and breathing. Just not in the way you would want her to. Not anymore..." Said Damien in his nasaly voice.

As I listened to him explain what he meant, tears began to pour out of my eyes. It was truly over. The woman of my dreams was gone. Out of my reach. Never to remember the man she fell in love with, Larsen Phillips. That was, until I thought of an idea...

Wanting to keep my plan a secret, I used up all of my money in order to buy myself another of Damien's makeshift wristwatches so that I could get Phase 2 started. That part wouldn't be difficult at all since all I had to do was wait until the next day...

Rebotco 11th, 0028 10:59 am First Cycle...

It was time. My master plan was now in perfect motion. Wearing Damien's wristwatch on my right hand, I managed to open my video game implant store's automatic doors via keypad. Futora had arrived behind, saying the same old thing for 731 days now...

"Thank you, sir!" I heard Futora say to me as stepped in to my store, this time smiling upon her saying that.

"You're very welcome, Futora." I replied, showing her my bright smile and causing her to do the same.

"By the way, It's nice to know that a video game implant clerk is a fan of mine! And a cute one at that, too..." she responded with a right eye wink.

For a whole year, this was the pattern. Futora would come in, looking for her 'Yearn To Battle' game on the top shelf and eventually knock over a rack of tapes. I tell her to leave, and the young woman comes to the checkout counter only to chat about her horrible ex-boyfriend and leave the store. This time, though, I was going to break that seemingly endless routine. Once and for all...

As she approached the counter, I stared at Futora with a look of allure on my face as she broke out into a reflexive smile.

"Um, do I have something stuck in my teeth?" She asked curiously, with a nervous chuckle in there as well. I shook my head.

"Did my skirt hike up or something?" She said while looking down at her lower half. I shook my head again.

"Then why are you looking at me like I hypnotized you, dude!?"

"You're just... so beautiful, Tori." I replied to her, disarming her apprehensive posture.

"D-Did you just call me..."

"Yep. I did." I interrupted Futora as I walked around the checkout counter to get a closer look at her.

"It's your favorite nickname. You asked me to start calling you that when we... were together..."

I watched on in glee as the confusion warped the beautiful young woman's face. I knew she had no idea what I was referring to, but it didn't matter. All that did was making our time together count before I executed the last part of my master plan...

I had 730 days to pretty much study Futora like a textbook. From using multiple personalities during conversations to asking various questions about her personal life, I managed to know everything about my former lover. Likes. Dislikes. Turn ons. Turn offs. Pet peeves. Everything. All down to the slightest of nuances. And it was the perfect way to enact my goal...

"Name's Larsen. Larsen Phillips. I was hoping to maybe ask you out on a date, Tori." I said to the surprised Futora, who looked into my eyes with her beautiful purple ones.

"Unless... You got better things to do..."

"You already assumin' things about me, Lars?" She replied with a pouty look on her face.

"Last time I let a dude talk to me like that, he fricking..."

"Treated you like a blow-up doll." I said, cutting Futora short and finishing her sentence.

"H-How... How did you..." She stammered out, visibly nervous. I couldn't resist smiling.

"Oh, Futora..." I said to her soothingly while stepping up and resting the palm of my right hand onto the soft, round cheek on the left side.

"That amnesia really did a number on you. It's no matter, though. I remember everything we did, Futora. Even what you said to me..."

"W-What did I say to you?" I watched her ask nervously while closing her eyes and placing her left hand over mine.

"I'll tell you when that tomorrow. At midnight. Right on the dot." I answered my lovely lady, watching her slowly open her eyes in response.

"That is under the assumption you and I are going on that date, you know..."

"With how you're goin' about it, you're gearing me up to wanna go, Lars..."

After Futora and I stared into each other's for what seemed like hours, she gave me a gentle head nod as well as a half smile. Even though I knew the oblivious young woman was going to accept this date, I still felt giddy inside. She and I were a go for our final date...

47 hours passed by Futora and I as we spent our First & Last Cycles hanging out in person as well as on our smartphones. We watched movies, played video games, went out to eat, and shopped at the mall. As our time together became short (5 minutes close to midnight short), I began to enact the final stage of my master plan while Futora was busy playing her dancing video game...

"Tori!" I shouted to her while reaching into the back pocket of my black jean pants, putting out a wristwatch and fashioning it onto my right wrist.

"Pause the game, please!"

"UGH!" I heard the white-haired woman groan out, aggressively stumping her right foot on the floor of her apartment.


"I do, Tori." I responded as I fidgeting with the device that Damien gave me.

"Please come close to me and place your left hand onto my right wrist."

After motioning her over to me, I looked at Futora one last time and took in her beauty. I held in my tears, knowing that long ago I lost the woman who fell head over her boot heels for me when we first met. But that woman was erased. Timelost.

While Futora remained and lived her life, that was because of a wristwatch that I gifted her malfunctioned and plunged her into an infinite time loop. For 730 days straight, I had to witness Futora wake up to the same morning routine, send the same internet post to her fans, arrive to my video game implant store at the same time, and search for a game that she sadly had already purchased before being stuck in her permanent loop. Over. And over. And over again. No more...

Upon knowing how exactly the malfunction can be triggered through the wristwatch, I made it my mission to free my love from her from being what Cinthyan scientists had called 'Timelost'. But sadly, even death can not break a time loop like hers. Instead, I found the makers of the wristwatch, and to their shock, I volunteered myself to intentionally damage my device while in the presence of the Timelost Futora. That way, the scientists could study the effects of the defect. But for me, it was my master plan all along. For she and I to meet each other for the first time and fall in love. Over and over again. Forever...

"Futora..." I said to her softly, drinking in the beautiful sight that she was.

"I need to tell you something before I do this. A year ago, you and I were in love. We hung out, played video games, and talked about very personal things. We even got intimate, and you told me you wanted to be the mother of our child. But something happened to you. You forgot who I was, and it made me depressed. But after tonight, I finally managed to get rid of that pain. Thanks to you..."

After my lengthy statement, Futora's eyes widened with genuine surprise at what I had just told her. Overwhelmed with emotion, I began to cry just as I felt her soft, warm right hand plant itself onto my left cheek with her thumb rubbing it gently. I then looked into her beautiful purple eyes with my teary orange ones as she flashed a sad smile at me.

"Stop trying to make me fall for you, Lars." Futora started to say before yanking me by my shirt collar with her right hand and pulling my face into hers.

"I'm already in love with you..."

With tears in her eyes and well, she and I leaned in and kissed the other with a slow passion. As we did, I felt the tears fall down from our faces dripped onto my right wrist as well as the wristwatch device. This was the final thing I needed for my plan to succeed as I kept a mental timer in my head for when it would be midnight. As I heard a sparking noise, I wrapped my arms around Futora as she and I continued to kiss passionately with one another. We were going to keep living this beautiful moment. Forever...

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Kiontre Miles A mildly autistic Story Writer & Video Game Streamer. Creator of Original Novels, Short Stories both erotic & non erotic, and Fan Fiction Stories. Feel free to support my work with either small donations or purchasing my novel for only $2. Let's all become famous together! 😊


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