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Kcire Abdu Wilkoe a young university student creates a virtual world from his computer and then promotes it throughout the network. As the days pass he realizes that many investors are interested in buying his project for a considerable sum and that others are tracking him to take him to court for violating universal laws. Kcire has to decide between continuing with his invention or continuing his studies. Its double life has given him the dream of every boy.

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Dancing in the Universe

It is not the first time that I fail nor the last one.
Yesterday everything was ... like chaos. Today I wake up from the ashes and I am one click away from showing the world a way to live. Once everything in the network I am aware that my life will change, I do not know magnitude but I know it will be a wonderful experience.
Very good. Here I go.

- Uploading files to the network.
- Creating security field.
- hiding ip
- Creating nickname
- Kcire are you sure to start for the fifth time?

Absolutely. Direct me to a busy country and program me a company hologram, preferably a girl.

- Arriving in India.Place me in traffic congestion and forget the virtual girl, I will get a real one.

- Redirecting. The app is on the network, it's only a matter of seconds for everything to start.Show me the statistics of Royalei.

- Loading statistics.

- Network overload, virtual world above 700% of active people.Freeze your activities I will greet you.

- Initiating countdown in 10 seconds.Now everything will be different.

- Young man, you are absolutely right. Come with me.

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