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Meet 'M', 24 year old prostitute famed for her services at the sex complex known as the 'Amazon'. This is the tale of the woman dubbed by her clients as 'The Electric Girl' of her escapades and daily routine... For more context about this character, please read "The Transition In Life: The Story Of Corusso Notak" first.

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Life's Soothing Melody

The day I was born just had to be the same fucking day that Elodie Jaspar, my mother, would pass away. My father, Willard Zeldrin, was of course devastated at her loss. She was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his young life with. And with my mother now gone, my father felt completely pessimistic about life going forward, even with me being born by the woman he loved most in the artificial world that was Cinthyatar.

After naming me based on my wonderful sound of my voice, Willard would go on to honor my mom's dying wish: Raise her for as long as you can. And he did. My dad was a good one, having taught a lot of useful life skills to me at an early age which I thought at the time was really fucking awesome. But I was a growing child then, never realizing the true reason my father was teaching me self sufficiency techniques.

My 18th birthday. I remember it like it was yesterday. Willard handed me a Relevancy gift card with 200 points on it and asked me to do some clothes shopping at Cytorae City Mall. I was so thrilled that day because I ended up buying the short blue tank top, thin black leggings, and white & blue sneakers that I wear almost all the fucking time and would essentially be my calling card outfit. I would put them on and buy them in the mall as they settled nicely on my young cybernetic body. I even still remember the face of the older guy behind me was making through my peripheral vision, his glowing eyes glued to my round backside that would jiggle gracefully in my newly bought pants everytime I moved. I couldn't help but smile as I left the mall that day, seeing the erection he had for me in his pants before covering it up with his bag of checkout goodies. But that was the calm before the storm.

Upon my arrival home, I was met with the strange sight of a completely empty one story household. Seeing a white paper note lying in the middle of the floor, I approached it, picked it up, and read it. I couldn't have been more devastated.

"Dear ______, I've fulfilled your mother's wishes. I took care of you for as long as I could. And now that you're an adult, I'm no longer liable for your safety and can finally focus on my love life. I love you dearly, but I can't be the father that you want me to be anymore. Don't bother trying to look for me. You won't find me. Good luck with your life."

After reading this fucking note, I immediately crumpled it up and chucked it across the empty living room before screaming my father's name. The man I loved most in my life had ripped me out of his on a whim, and it broke me emotionally. And even worse, Willard had left me to my own devices when it came to living in the vastness that was downtown Cytorae City.

For 730 days straight, I wandered the poverty-stricken streets of downtown Cytorae City. I slept on benches, went days and sometimes weeks without food. But I realized that I could obtain what I needed to survive as long as I did one thing: Sell my body to the men of the area.

Throughout the year, I used my sexy 18 year old body to seduce and sleep with men all over the downtown part of the city. Some were easy catches while others were riskier. As time went on, though, I found myself becoming increasingly fatigued from doing such a thing for 730 days straight. It even got to the point of me becoming a regular booty call to all the men in the area, having no choice but to accept the terms if I wanted a meal or place to sleep that day. However, some of the men would lie about their marital status, and I had to stop meeting with some of them when their wives caught us in bed, one of them beating me within an inch of my life.

After having woken up and leaving the Cytorae City Hospital with medical bills to pay as well, I felt completely worthless inside. Like a total fuck up. And it wasn't even my fault! It was Willard's. He left me to fend for myself and I didn't know what to do. As I walked back into the dark city streets of downtown Cytorae City from the hospital, I actually contemplated suicide by allowing some random homeless guy to rape and kill me if I were to meet one. I just couldn't keep living on the streets like this. I fucking hated it. Fortunately for me, though, the universe seemed to have felt my pain and decided to throw me a bone for once in my miserable life.

Purely by chance, I overheard a conversation a couple had about some party being hosted in the downtown area that they wanted to attend tomorrow night. It sounded like a grand opening to some complex, but I didn't know exactly what for. Hoping to score some food, I ended following the couple to their home and slept outside near the house to avoid alerting them. And when the time came, I tailed them to the location of the party.

On that night, I met Corusso Notak, the owner of the newly established sex complex called 'The Amazon'. He and I were really comfortable around each other, him even considering sleeping with me, just like how I wanted him to. But after nearly hours over near the bar we sat to talk at, I began telling him my life story, and I noticed the shift in his flirty demeanor to a more sincere one.

As a woman who had a triple digit body count at this stage, I could see in a man's eyes when he wants to fuck me. It was that way with Corusso's the moment he laid his eyes on me. But the more he and I talked, his eyes began to soften on me. I could see that the lustful desire in his eyes had disappeared, and a new look had emerged in its place. A stare of unconditional love, the kind that a father would give to his daughter one. And that soon turned into a feeling after what I did.

While looking behind Corusso, I saw none other than Willard Zeldrin dancing with a young woman over in the distance on the dance floor! I was so enraged that I lept off my barstool, angrily marched over to him, and immediately punched him across the face with my right hand! I then watched on with a strange sense of satisfaction on my face as he tumbled down to the floor, moaning and groaning in pain. However, I wasn't prepared for what the young woman next to me had to say.

"WHAT THE FUCK!? XAVIER! ARE YOU OKAY!?" She yelled down to him in a panic.

I was floored. This person had to be my dad. He just had to be. That is his face and voice! As he turned up and looked at me with fear in his glowing orange eyes, I would prove myself right. I wasn't seeing or hearing things. He must have changed his name or something.

"XAVIER?" I shouted down at my father, chuckling to myself while shaking my head side to side.

"You really pulled out all the stops to try and fool me, Dad! FUCK YOU!"


I was too angry after hearing him play dumb with me, causing me to leap onto him and pummel the ever living shit outta my dad! I beat him so fucking good that Corusso had to pull me off of him before he died. But unbeknownst to me, when a Cinthyan intentionally and maliciously harms another, the paramedics as well as the police will come due to every male and female Cinthyan's body being connected to an 'Injury Report Server'.

Upon their arrival, they separated me and my dad while gathering information on the incident that took place. I was certain that the officers would do a background check on him as well as myself, being able to piece everything together. But when they approached me and showed me his profile, my metallic heart sank down into my stomach.

The man that I savagely beaten to a blue bloody pulp and nearly killed was, in fact, NOT my father! His name was Xavier Catagrom. He had recently undergone a facial reconstruction surgery and a voice transfer procedure in order to look and sound sexier for his girlfriend. I could only assume that the man he swapped with was none other my father. And since he didn't know who I was at all, Xavier wanted nothing more than to press charges against me.

I was beyond crushed. My dad knew that I would have been extremely angry with him to the point of wanting to hurt him. So, he changed faces and voices to avoid that possibility altogether. The fact that Willard knew this and never told Xavier about this or about me told me that he would rather have me locked up for his own safety than allow me to live a happy life.

As the police officers placed handcuffs on me, I basically had an emotional breakdown in front of everyone. All I could think to do was angrily curse my father's name over and over with tears pouring out of my glowing blue eyes as they began to haul me away to jail. Fortunately for me, though, the officers were stopped by none other than Corusso Notak. He ended up bribing each of them with money and hot sex with his female workers, causing them to immediately take the cuffs off of me. The older man had saved me from my dad. As a reciprocal payment for what he did for me, I tearfully agreed to his offer of being his newest addition to the Amazon sex complex and later becoming his golden girl.

Present Day...

It was my day off as I strutted into Corusso's complex, 'The Amazon' to speak to Jakie, my coworker. Personally, I hated the cringey but catchy slogan you hear when entering the building. The receptionist, Jakilenn Veldin, had pitched to my father figure: 'It is the place to run wild!' Gosh, do I hate that slogan so fucking much. What I hated more was my nickname that stuck with me after having sex with clients, which was 'The Electric Girl'.

I know that I'm good at what I do. I'm a single man's top pick. A single woman's top pick. As for a married man's. And a married woman's. At 'The Amazon', I am the most popular of the sexworkers. So much so that I actually take away work for other sexworkers who now hate me. One woman in particular was actually Corusso's number one before I came along.

Back when I first started out, I was trained by my former friend, Oreeza Jennings. She was a tall, middle-aged brunette with long, black hair and white skin. She was an awesome person for the first two years that I worked with her, having my back when it came to dealing with burly men as well as male virgin clients who sucked in bed. Things would change between us when my third and fourth years approached, however.

One day, the Amazon had an interesting conundrum: There were tons of women seeking sexual pleasure. Most of them were simply bi-curious while others were seeking out male companions. While there were a small number of male sex workers employed under Corusso, none of us at the time were bisexual by any means. Hell, I was as straight as a pencil back then! That was until I became the first female sex worker to service a same sex client.

After I pleasured her, I officially found myself becoming equally attracted to men and women. My client list would become vastly larger compared to the other workers in response, mostly because of my new sexuality. It wasn't long before other sex workers followed in my footsteps, some of them even turning fully gay or fully lesbian in the process. However, one woman refused to expand her client options due to me, Oreeza.

She was so heterosexual that she gagged as soon as her lips touched another woman's. Ever since then, the middle-aged woman had the lowest amount of clientele, averaging only 2 a week. Those two male clients would be her regulars as well. Corusso even tried to talk her into participating a threesome with a man and a woman, only to quit halfway into it when her hand accidently brushed up against the woman's moist womanhood. He knew then that Oreeza was a lost cause and would stop trying with her.

It was the same today. As she as I got into the Amazon, I saw the middle-aged woman speaking to our receptionist, Jakie. The only thing was, I didn't want her to speak to her. Especially after what happened between them.

Oreeza and Jakie don't have a good history together. The latter was an authentic lesbian and had no issues showing it for a frilly, girly woman like herself. Ever since she started working here, the young blonde would ask female sex workers for lewd or nude pics of them. Some of us obliged (myself included), while others politely declined to do it. Oreeza, however, was not kind about being asked something like that at all and would decline. Hard.

When Jakie kindly asked her for a lewd/nude photo of the coworker, the middle-aged woman would slap her across the left side of her face with her right hand so hard that she actually damaged the mechanical parts inside of her left cheek! She needed stitches for the cut skin and, for several weeks, was beyond terrified of Oreeza. The middle-aged woman knew that and began to bully her for being, in her words, a 'Gay Pervert'. And I didn't take kindly to that kind of behavior as I approached the pair...

"How's it going, Carpet Muncher?" Oreeza said mockingly to the young blonde, making her appear somewhat nervous.

"Find any that taste good yet? It must be hard being a lesbian, you know, since nobody here wants to fuck you. Not even the men..."

"Ma'am..." Jakie started to say as tears poured out from her glowing orange eyes, trying her very best not to look at Oreeza as she sat in her rolling chair.

"I would appreciate it if you left me alone. I... I-I don't f-feel comfortable..."

"Oh, come on, Jakilenn. Don't be like that! What happened between us was just a misunderstanding. You know I didn't mean to hurt you, honest!" Oreeza stated condescendingly to the visibly terrified Jakie, smiling with twisted satisfaction from her sudden lean back upon suddenly leaning into the young blonde.

The older woman was then startled when she felt someone push her head forward from behind, slamming both of her hands onto the customer service desk and stopping herself from banging her forehead onto it.

"M..." She angrily said to me as Jakie's face perked up in happiness at the sight of my presence.

"Sup asshole." I responded condescendingly as I looked over at the frightened blonde, seeing her wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Whatcha doin' over here, Reezi? I thought you weren't into girls. Did Jakie get you to start questioning that? She is a fuckable blonde after all..."

"Very... Funny..." Oreeza said while gritting her pearly white teeth at me, her rage seething inside of her middle-aged body.

Jakie couldn't resist blushing and giggling at the comment I made about her, which I knew began to piss the middle-aged woman off. I watched as Oreeza quickly spun around to the amused blonde as she continued to giggle to herself.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS SO FUNNY, YOU FILTHY LESBO!?" She roared viciously at her receptionist coworker, almost making her fall out of her rolling chair.

Jakie immediately stopped laughing, covering her mouth with both hands in fear of Oreeza as she started to cry once again.


"To what, Reeza?" I interjected as I turned her around and yank her shirt collar with my right hand.

I was not having it. For too long, this middle-aged middle-aged prick in my side has been disrespecting Jakie Veldin for as long as I've been at the Amazon: Four years. She only did this shit because it was easy. To pick on someone who struggled in life. To down a fellow woman because she was simply a lesbian. Well, today was the day that shit ended. Permanently.

"You put your hands on Jakie, You and I are going to throw hands. And trust me, my slutty hands and fingers will find themselves in places you wouldn't want them to be in, bitch..." I threatened to my coworker with a devious smile on my face, Oreeza's facial expression contorting into one of utter disgust from what I had just said.

"YOU SICK SKANK!" she yelled while making a face like she was going to vomit.


Jakie and I watched on in satisfaction as the middle-aged woman stormed off out of the building, shoving other coworkers and clients to the side in the process. I took personal joy in making her what we call around here, "Big Mad." After reveling in that for a bit, I then looked over to Jakie, who stared at me with a big smile on her face...

"Thank you..." She whispered while making a heart using both of her hands.

I did the exact same thing back to the young lesbian, giving her a wink instead of a smile. I rarely do that anyway.

"You're welcome..." I replied back to her sincerely to Jakie, making her feel loved.

I then walked past Jakie's desk, waving at her as I approached Corusso's office to tell him what I had done for myself as far as my future was concerned.

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