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Solar system or atom

According to me our Galaxy that is milky way galaxy or each and every galaxy is an atom and our universe is made up of a a very large group of molecules of very big sizes that we can't imagine . Where our sun is an electron and each solar system in our galaxy consist of single electron . And our planets are very small particles that revolve around electrons in their electronic belts that are still undiscovered . And asteroids (dead electrons) are broken parts of electrons .
Therefore we can understand that we live on particles which is present in an atom , and are ot very small in sizes as compared to electron ⚛, and still undiscovered. It means that those atoms from which we are made up of , in those atoms also those particles are present on which life is present and may be those people would be like us .
Because if we we can view at such small scale through microscope that electrons seems to be as planets size we will observe that the rest of the part of atom (except nucleus , electrons, asteroids and very small particles ) is black as like universe and even there is vacuum .

Or may be there is black hole also or worm hole . .............

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