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   The young man walked down the cobble road looking behind him every once in awhile making sure no one was following him. It was late at night, and the only light was the street lamps. Each step was a loud on the on cobble road.  "clip…clop...clip...clop.”

His heart was racing, he felt it pounding. He has worried that they would find him again. All he had with was one suitcase, with: two black suits, two grey suits, four undershirts, four pairs of all black socks and underwear. He was wearing a black suit, with a black overcoat, a pair black dress shoes. He was trying to get the train station so he could escape germany to get to America. First, he has to get through France without them finding him.

   He was almost to the train station when he heard something knock over the trash bin. He jumped, and turned around. It was just a cat, but it scared the life out of him. His pace quickened until he got to the train station. He got his ticket, and got on the train. He got a single room in the two story sleeping car. When he got to his room and put his suitcase under his bed, he looked around the room for a minute. The conductor knocked on the door he and said “ Ticket! Ticket! I need to stamp your ticket and see your passport.”

   He slid the door open and handed his ticket to the conductor, and conductor stamped it and said, “passport, where is your passport.The man said, “Sorry.” with a low quiet voice and went to the inside pocket of his over coat. He pulled out the red passport and handed it to the conductor. The conductor looked at it, and read his name: Albert Smith. He stamped it, and walked off, into the next train car. Albert slid the door shut and sat on the bed. He pulled out the suitcase from under his bed, opened the small pocket on the side, and grabbed a small black bi fold wallet, and shoved it in his pocket. He left his room and went to the dining car. When Albert got to the dining car, he walked up to the bar and ordered scotch on the rocks,and then sat down at a table. He waited about a minute before the waitress came over his drink and a dinner menu he orders the waitress writes the order down and heads back to the kitchen. Albert was sitting closest to the door, he looks around the room there were only a couple of people in the dining car.

   When his food arrives, he thanks the waitress, and asks if he could get a refill and she said “Yes, I will be right with you in a minute.”

   The door he was sitting by opened. Three Nazi guards came through. Albert’s heart started to race. He looked down at his lap. The guards walked up to the bar in the middle of the dining car. The one with the scar on his left eye,his eye was smokey white he said speaking in German . “Hast du diesen Mann gesehen.” (have you this man?)

Holding up a picture, the man behind the bar looked at it and said “No.”

   he guards walked to the next car. Albert hurried up, ate his dinner and paid for his food, and walked to his room. He sat on the bed looking out the window. He saw the guards holding a man in handcuffs and he start to calm down.

   When he got up in the morning, he walked to the shower room and took his shower. When he was done, he went to the dining car and ate breakfast. Afterwards, he went to talk to the conductor. He walked up to the conductor and asked “how much longer until we get to France?”

   The conductor said “We will arrive in France in a day, but we have two more stop before we get to France.”

When they get to the last stop it was really dark and when the door opened a gust of cold wind came through the door it sent a shiver down his spine and gave him goosebumps. He went to his room and lay down by this time he was sick of the train and wanted to get off. He woke up when the conductor came on over the intercom saying. “1 hour away from france.”

   He got out of bed and put all of his stuff in his suitcase, and went to the dining room, he got a quick breakfast. he had finished his food just before they pulled in to the station. 

   He got off the train and took a deep breath and whisperer finial.  


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