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Ashley of Nebos reflects on the difficulties of life. She finds herself aboard the “Toothache”, the ship she has shared with her brother since she can remember.

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To those who insist that calm comes after the storm, I dare say that life is the storm, and its absence, the calm.

One fine day, you arrive, and they say, “Hello, Ashley, welcome to the world. This is your brother, Tide.” And you accept it because someone who knows more about the ocean than you do has said so, and that's that. But let's not deceive ourselves! You are in this world to question everything.

Life is a shipwreck. I apologize for the bad news! Along your journey, you will come across honest people who are worth their weight in gold, but also scoundrels who seek to steal your treasure. Some will tell you which way to sail, while others will warn you of a few storms here and there, but, my friend, only you hold the helm.

The waves may scare you, or you may run out of hours. No problem, make the wind your wings and the tempest a push for your sail.

No one knows what lies beyond the horizon, right? But we have come to live. Anyone who assures you that there are islands or land is afraid of the water, not the storm. I once heard that there were fish beyond the fog, and what did I find? Water, more of the same crap.

Sail aimlessly and have no fear. Learn to swim, and perhaps that wind that troubles you so much will become the source that fuels your next goal.

And what lies beyond the horizon? Well, how do I answer that? Who knows! Maybe you'll find calm… but there will be time to reach it when you set your soul free.

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Basil Yakimov Basil Yakimov
Interesting story. Thanks for writing🌟
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