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In the small town of Ever Green, Pennsylvania, there was a murder that shook the town and them to their knees. A sixteen-year girl who just learns some information surrounding the murder also relates to her. She learns that her family has some secrets and learns she's not exactly human per se. An overwhelming urge tells them not to trust those close to them or it will be hard for them to survive. (Both Margo and Ava are at the exact timeline. The events later in the book are back in further in each story.)

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It was a beautiful spring day when Henry Newman wanted to go out for a run. It was a chill night in late May. The temperature was around the low fifties and not what to expect for spring either.

Henry was out behind the high school just after getting done with soccer practice. He was feeling the pull of the full moon. He was feeling like his skin was tingling and getting tight. His wolf wanted out to go for a run. His body was beginning to reshape itself to become a wolf. Henry was in his wolf form wanting to feel the wind rush through his fur. Unknowingly, Henry did not know he was going to be hunted that night.

Next, Henry was roaming far enough in the woods that he was far enough away from the high school. Towards his left, there was the creek, and on his right was the parking lot to the nature reserve. Henry was close enough to hear cars pulling in and out also, car doors slamming. He moved closer to see who it was that was coming into the woods. Hunters were coming in with their rifles. Somehow, Henry knew this could be a bad thing. Maybe he should warn the others wolves but there were none close by or out. He was by himself. The hunters were already crossing the tree line to the woods.

The hunters were already cruising the woods on ATVs and playing a howling voiceover to lure c out potential werewolves nearby. Since Henry was the only werewolf close by. He felt the urge to howl due to the recording but did not want to give away his location to the hunters. The hunters did not see a blonde wolf fly past them.

Kaleb Klein was looking around when he saw a blonde wolf run passed him. He never misses when a werewolf runs by him, even in their wolf form. Kaleb saw Henry run off in the north direction where the creek is located. Then Kaleb took out his rifle and loaded it with the first silver bullet. The bullet missed and hit a nearby tree. Kaleb reloaded the rifle a second time and still missed Henry. The rifle was reloaded a third time, the third shell hit the blond wolf in the side. There was a loud yelp from the wolf and he sank to the ground. Also, he shifted back to human form.

Henry realized he was hit because he saw the blood oozing from his side. Trying to move was not an option. The bullet that hit him was a silver bullet and the poison was spreading at the location point. The veins in the wound were turning black and blue. Thus, he knew he did not have that long left. The side effects of silver were deadly to werewolves. Henry heard leaves crunch nearby, looking up to see Kaleb Klein walking over to him. Obliviously, Kaleb wanted to finish what he started.

"Please do not kill me. I am already dying?" Henry begging.

"How can I keep monsters like you away from this town? Considering your kind should not exist in the first place." Kaleb sneered at Henry.

"What about your daughter, Ava, does she know you kill her kind in secret? She will hate you for this when she learns the truth. You damn well she will know. Did you ever tell her about what you did to her biological parents? "Henry yelled.

Kaleb was trying to quiet Henry, "Shut up. Mutt!"

"Knowing what I am saying is right. You and your wife will never tell her the truth. You want her to be in the dark" Henry whispered close enough for Kaleb to hear.

Kaleb could not take any more of Henry's comments it was drawing the attention of the other hunters nearby. He was so angry with the dumb kid and loaded the rifle one last time. Vegore he could even raise it; Henry was starting to cough. The silver poisoning was getting worse for the kid. Kaleb was about to shoot when Henry said one last thing. " Come on finish me off. It was what you intended to do when you shot me. My murder will tear this town apart. I hope you realize that."

Henry was butt naked trying to crawl away from Kaleb. Kaleb took up the rifle and shot Henry in the back. Henry went down without a fight. Finally, Kaleb went over to Henry's body and dragged him to the tree line by the creek. Kaleb dug a hole for the dead kid. He put him and it was shallow but deep that no one would find the body. Hoping to keep the events that happened tonight to his grave.

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