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INT. MAR HOUSE/MAR BEDROOM - MORNING Absolute order. MOBILE PHONE ALARM GOES OFF AT 6:00 AM. MAR CABALLERO (20), with her eyes closed, puts her arm out from under the bedspread. She touches the screen of her mobile phone, located on the bedside table, TURNS OFF THE ALARM. She opens her eyes. Sits up. She gets up and walks to the wardrobe. Looks for clothes in the wardrobe. He leaves the room. INT. MAR HOUSE/BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS SOUND OF A SHOWER. Already dressed, Mar dries her hair in front of the mirror. She puts on a little make-up and perfume. INT. MAR HOUSE/KITCHEN-DINING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Mar enters, holding a handbag by its strap. ENRIQUE (70), her grandfather, and AMELIA (65), her grandmother, are at the table having breakfast. Their sister, MALENA CABALLERO (16), hurries past them, in the opposite direction, towards the door, wearing her school uniform. They smile.

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Genre: drama/romance (young adult-contemporary).

Third of six independent stories, linked by an epilogue.

What is written in italics and/or in inverted commas may mean:

a) A topic (health, music, law, etc.), not consulted with professionals. Consequently, it's subject to change.

b) Something that needs to be completed

The story will probably not be understood because it's an automatic translation. If it's understood:

a) Don't hesitate to leave/send me feedback (opinions, questions, recommendations, etc.). I may be late, but I always respond.

b) I'll publish the remaining four stories.

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