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Spton Loptin

Get to know bob and see how he lives his life. Also see how he got his friends and how he came to be

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Meet Bob

This Story is about a big Man named Bob. Bob is a Russian/American/Mexican/Australian/German man and he lives in the middle of Antarctica with his penguin named Larry. Larry was a very small penguin but was very smart. Bob and Larry lived in a small Ice house in the center of Antarctica. You would think that a house mad of ice would be cold and bland but they some how have Heating, a chandelier, plumbing, wifi, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, and a Very nice and fancy living room. You would make your head hurt thinking "how the hell did they get all of that out in the middle of Antarctica" Well don't think about it yet. Bob met Larry during the summer of 96. Larry was running away from the mating grounds of his pack. why was he running you ask well remember me telling you he was a very small penguin well his dick is small when its not hard but when he gets an erection he has the biggest dick the universe has ever seen. it hangs at an amazing 3 feet long and 30 inches wide. so he was mating and the girl that thought the small little stub he had was all she was going to get so she started to grind on him and then the the sudden she was cut in half by 3 feet of throbbing dick. After seeing what he had done he was frozen with shock and amazement at the same time. As soon as his dick was done being hard and it went back down to the stub he was able to see the dead penguin girl on the floor, he booked it out the door. Although he had people saying "how was it dude" and "what was it like with her" he ran and slid past them eventually getting out of the packs housing area and into the white Plains of Antarctica. Eventually the pack found her body but nobody cared because she was a Thot. But Larry being on the edge of starvation and dehydration he saw a ice house. Larry thought he was imagining things but still walked to the house mad of ice. when he got to the door he knocked and when the door opened there stood Bob. When Bob saw the nearly starved to death penguin he took him in his arms and took him in not just as a pet but also as a friend. Bob Fed Larry the basic lunch of Bob but for Larry it would be the biggest meal he had ever eaten. later that hour he had to throw-up half of the things he at. But that is how Larry and Bob came to be together. But now your probably thinking "how did Bob get to the middle of Antarctica. Well it was the winter of 93 and Bob was living in Moscow, Russia. Bob was not very happy with living in Russia. It wasn't that the people were mean or that the country was bad he just didn't feel happy there so he moved to Germany. He lived in Germany for 2 weeks and still wasn't feeling happy so he moved again but to Australia. He lived in Australia for 1 week and STILL wasn't happy so he moved AGAIN but to Mexico. he lived in Mexico for 1 week a and still wasn't happy so HE MOVED AGAIN but to America. He lived there for one day and Bob said "how am I still not happy, im in the land of opportunity". He wanted to move again but this time instead of doing it by plain he moved by boat. he was going back to Australia but as they were driving there boat there he saw some Ice then a few hours later Antarctica was in view. Bob said "what is that place with amazement". The captain said "thats Antarctica the coldest place you'll ever visit". Bob Said "its Beautiful". so Bob went down put all his stuff on a boat and headed straight to the Frozen waste land. so that is how Bob and Larry came to be together.

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