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Into the Basement...

There is a secret kept in this once lived in house

Dilapidated now,

but, once I lived there with my spouse.

Everything went wrong quick

as soon as we moved in,

she became sick.

I know it was this place,

this house of broken love.

A deserted, forlorn palace of apathy

The day she came up from the basement,

it was as if a stranger was always looking back at me.

I do not go there,

she told me,

'stay out of here.'

But, it is really, her that I fear.

A robotron, or simulacrum

a pod person from a witches cauldron.

Her eyes are hollow

and she smells of sorrow

Into the basement

... its too hard to swallow.

Something lives down here,

In the dark, beyond a chained door.

I lost my bride, all my pride

as her blood covers the floor.

Do not come down here,

stay the fuck away

I made the mistake

used the key I found

Followed the stairs all the way down.

Why is this here, its like the attic,
Also the closet, but
Those I was able to board up.
My bride is gone
I have eaten the last of her remains
Blood, so much blood...
Inside of me, growing evil sustains.
Im chained here in the past
In this dark place
Where nobody laughs.
The door is shut,
The chains locked once more
They made sure,
I cannot leave by the door.
Who are they you ask?
They work for Them
A conspiracy, coming when?
But, I will die here,
only blood as my company
Even as I lick the floor
I am longing for more.
The key was taken by the Dark Widow
Tossed before the gates of hell in the closet
No one can miss it.
So eventually, I will be set free
Unless this hunger,
Has me eating my own flesh.
A demon has entered me
Came from her
Yes, I am sure.
But now wont leave me alone.
It pesters me often of late
The only thing i really miss and hate
Her flesh tasted oh so tender
Breaking her bones, breaking her neck
I remember her, screaming departure.
She thought her works would elevate her,
Its grace alone, I told her so
All else condoned,
So, as we both face the gates of hell,
Oh really, you couldnt tell?
We lost our fight in this basement
Wherein the Love turned to cement
Into the Basement
Baggage and luggage and skeletons
too damn much I fear
I wait all alone down here
To devour anothers touch.
It is I who live down here
Into the basement
Drowning in my own misery.

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Michael Nichols My dream is to write, and to show the world what I can do. I will not quit no matter what others do.


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