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In the Closet

There is a closet in the old familiar place.

In this house of old dreams and lost cares.

No one ever visits here.

No one comes to call upon this place of bad memories.

For in the Closet is a secret,

a secret in such a tangle.

Baggage and skeletons within.

It's locked and bolted,

chained and boarded,

with an old sign saying 'BEWARE!'.

Do you dare?

If you open to reveal its secrets,

what is it you will find?

What lies in the closet?

It is a horror unspeakable to everyone that comes to see,

It will not even let you scream.

It will devour your dreams.

Its dark inside,

anyway, you will not find the key.

Trust me.

In the closet is a horror too chilling,

far too much blood spilling.

But, that was in the past.

It cannot still live, within.

Could it still be there inside,

after all these years it should have died.

But, I have not.

Forgive me, I spoke wrong.

Come let me show you,

I do speak true.

Although, it best not be midnight.

In the Closet,

time seems to stand still.

Excuse me, it only kills.

Scare you at the twelfth, clock bell,

opens all by itself.

Welcome to my hell.

See how dark it is?

oh, sorry,

no, the door shut by itself.

Whatever you do now,

don't worry, I'll get the key,

if I can find it first,

but the closet it does thirst.

Is that you screaming?

Oh well, forever you are dreaming.

You find your last breath,

Is stuck in your chest.

As you have become just another death.

In the Closet.

In the old familiar house.

Home Sweet Hell.

You'll never tell.

Until, that twelfth bell,

tomorrow another one shall yell.

As another one comes visiting me,

In the Closet.

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Об авторе

Michael Nichols My dream is to write, and to show the world what I can do. I will not quit no matter what others do.


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