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Margo never thought turning twenty-one could change everything in a day. She always thought she was normal until discovered a family secret that changes her world completely.

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Today was my birthday and did not expect certain events to happen either. Let's say that my best friend wanted to go a bar to celebrate turning twenty-one. To be honest, I really did not want to go to a bar. I really wanted to go normal restaurant. My best friend, Cassandra, convinced me to go Turbo Grill where she works at as a waitress.

Here I was, arriving at Turbo Grill. The night was chilly wearing a dress that was light fabric worse choice ever. I was freezing. Why did I do this? I could have just canceled and faked an illness. Cassandra just had me beg to come.

Looking around for Cassandra by the entrance. There I saw the wavy blonde hair of Cassandra by the bar counter talking to the bartender. I make my way over to Cassandra.

Cassandra looks up when I place my bag and jacket on the stool. She comments, "About time you got here. You need to order a shot."

I sat down.

Cassandra waves over the bartender. He comes over. Cassandra asked "John can we have a shot of vodka?"

John places the shot in front of me. He goes back to completing other orders. I knew John was Cassandra's boss and owner of the Turbo Grill. He had bought the place a couple yea before. It was just a shack before in the woods outside of town. Now, it was a nice place that had transformed.

"Bottoms up" I said and tossed the shot back. It burned going down.

Cassandra cheered. I tried to feel exicted but really needed to use to the restroom. Then I excused myself.

I was clearly too busy in my thoughts to realize bumped into someone. Looking up, I saw it was gentleman all dressed in black. He long pale blonde hair and brown eyes. Also, he appeared to be 6'3 and could see that he was fit. He did not to be not much older than myself.

"Are you okay miss?" Mysterious deep voice asked.

Margo was too awestruck to hear what he said. She felt like she was in a trance and did not know how to describe it. He was waiting for her to answer.

" What did you ask?" Margo questioned.

"I asked if you were okay but you kept staring at me like in sort of trance. Otherwise, it's fine. I know I turn heads with my looks anyway. I'm Lucius Wentz by the way, if wondering" Lucius replied matter in fact tone.

I could add arrogant to the list about Lucius by his tone. Simply, I ignored his answered to introduce myself.

"I am Margo Devereux."I simply not getting my hopes up with this encounter.

We shook hands and both went in opposite directions. I went to the bathroom and did my business. Clearly thinking what the heck came over when meeting that Lucius guy in the hall outside the bathroom.

I went back to the bar where Cassandra still sat drinking another cocktail or something. Cassandra drinks the rest of her drink then declares,"Let's dance!"

She grabs my hands and drags me to the dance. The music was so loud, you can hear yourself think. Cassandra and I danced like we were idiots but did not care either way. Sometimes I could feel eyes on me but I could place who was watching me. Sometimes between dancing with Cassandra and the music, my head began to pound. It hurt so much that trying to move was too much. I was getting jousled around by people to where I passed out completely.

“Margo!” Cassandra rushes over.

There was shouting the music was still too loud for Cassandra to get someone attention. She was starting to freak out but manages to get her boss’s attention. John the Bartender apologizes to other customers before coming over to help.

“What happened?” John asks Cassandra.

“I do not know. All I do know is that we were dancing. Margo was complaining about her head was bugging her. Then she left to go sit down while I continued dancing. Then she just collapsed on the floor.” Cassandra explains.

Lucius watches from the shadows but comes closer to see what happens next. He decides to help them out. Makes note that he knows what is happening to Margo but does not say anything to either John or Cassandra when helping them. Both were grateful for the help. Lucius picks up Margo bridal style and carries her to the back office. Then places Margo on the couch.

“How did she faint?” Lucius questions.

“Margo complained about having a headache is all. Then it just happened.” Cassandra explained to Lucius.

“Margo does not have any idea what is happening to her. Her parents never told her about witches or anything remotely close to it. They fear for her safety if she discovers her powers had started to develop. What the curse that awaken every so many years or your family history with hers.” Cassandra explains to Lucius.

Cassandra was biting her thumb nail nervously looking at Margo laying unconscious on the couch. It probably scares her to see her friend like this.

Lucius sat staring at Margo too. Lost in his own thoughts about the situation. What could this mean? Margo powers must be developing for her to suddenly complain about having a headache. All I know this could the curse is waking up because it has discovered a new natural witch. I will have to watch I guess for now before making my next move in this situation. Best to keep this to myself.

“I get why her parents never mentioned the family history but it’s becoming obvious now. Margo will have meltdown upon discovering this. Heck, I was the same with discovering I was a werewolf not human.” John mentions.

Lucius and Cassandra both look at John with shocked expressions on their faces.

“I thought you were human.” Cassandra stated.

“I was born into it. Vampires are real too but we don’t need to get into that right now” John stating nonchalantly.

Lucius was ignoring both of them. He stood near the door watching Margo hoping for her to regain consciousness soon. And he is hoping that he wrong about Margo being a natural witch. He will admit to himself he felt Margo’s power strongly. Just to urge to absorb is going to be distracting.

The other two were whispering so other workers could hear the conversation being said.

Margo was slowly regaining unconscious but did not want to appear to be awake. She wanted to rest on the couch for a bit before having to leave. She should have never drunk that shot of vodka. It was probably the reason for being light-headed. She opened her eyes and had to blink a few times to adjust to the lighting. Then sat up.

“Easy there,” Lucius grabs on to Margo before she sways against him.

“What happened?” Margo questioned.

“You passed out on the dance floor. You probably know the rest” Lucius states, “You might want to never drink vodka as a first drink.”

Cassandra and John both come back into the room. Cassandra hugs Margo and says “You gave me a fright. I mean it made my night more interesting not to be mean or anything. I just wish you said you had a headache”

“I did not have one before coming in. It started after the shot. I guess I am light weight.” Margo tells Cassandra leaving the office.

Lucius leaves soon after both Margo and Cassandra. He still watches them get into their car. His night was eventful and just needs a plan to lure Margo to him. It will have to be a chase.

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